View Full Version : 5.0 upgrade problem: can't access web server!

2003-11-19, 14:46
Hi there

I can see the same problem on my iBook under
OSX 10.2.6.

I managed to reduce the problem when I
changed the setting for the 'Maximum
number of simultaneous TCP connections to
accept:' to 1 (one).

The setting is in Server Settings - Add.
Server Settings - Network at the bottom.

With that setting I can have two players
playing music and two browsers open
(one on the iBook and one on another PC).

Hope that helps until the problem is solved.


--- Kevin Deane-Freeman <kevin (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com>
> Quoting Chuck Rice <chuck (AT) wildrice (DOT) com>:
> > >Quick update:
> > >
> > >I definitely believe there are issues with the
> 5.0 software on OS X. Per a
> > >suggestion on this thread, I rebooted--I even
> verified permissions on the
> > >disk--and I still was having problems with the
> 5.x server serving webpages.
> Can you describe the problem? Do you get no
> response? Do the pages refresh too
> often, or certain frames dont load? can you run the
> server with --d_http, or
> enable it after starting) and see if the log gives
> any useful error messages?
> > I have also been having problems since upgrading
> to 5.0.
> >
> > I am running SlimServer on a dual processor xServe
> running Mac OS X
> > Server 10.3.1 (Panther).
> >
> > I seem to be getting double updates for the web
> page when it
> > refreshes and when it does this, it displays the
> playlist songs for a
> > few seconds, then erases them leaving that portion
> of the screen
> What skin are you using?