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2006-05-06, 14:59
I have a few music DVD's which which I would like to add to my SB3 play list. Does anyone have any advice how I can do this?

Peter Evans
2006-05-06, 15:25
For music video DVDs you can rip them by chapter and demux the AC3, DTS or PCM tracks (You can use DVD Decryter for this). You can extract the stereo tracks, convert the 5.1 tracks to stereo (foobar with DTS plugin) or FLAC the DTS tracks and play them with the SB to a DTS receiver. For PCM I use AZIDDTS or something like that. I haven't tried playing DTS MP3's on the SB.

For DVD audio, you can also rip the stereo tracks, and then downsample to 24 bits 48 kHz, and FLAC them (or convert them to MP3). For multichannel DVD audio it's more complicated, you would need a DTS encoder, but that would be a lossy format. For DVD audio you'll need DVDARIPPER and some other tools.


2006-05-06, 18:09
Sounds like some work is required. Where do I find all this code?

Peter Evans
2006-05-07, 03:21
IF you'll be using MP3, I'd stick to stereo tracks.


Once you install it, there's an option to rip by chapter and demux the audio.

As you'll be using MP3, you may have stereo AC3 tracks in your DVD. Use FOOBAR with AC3 plugin to convert them to MP3.

If you have multichannel audio, then use FOOBAR to convert them. Get the FOOBAR program, install the DTS plugin and change the settings for 5.1 to stereo conversion.

There are some programs that do this directly, but they are not free, I think one was called DVDaudioripper.

2006-05-07, 06:36

That comes with a free 30 day trial, then you have to register it. Give it a go and see what you think.

I intend to try it out when I get round to ripping the soundtracks from some of the live music dvds that I have lying around.

2006-05-07, 08:17
I will try out both options, when I get back in 3 weeks.