View Full Version : I would like better flac to MP3

2006-05-06, 10:44
Now that I have rid myself of CDs by flac-ing my collection, I need some portable solution, for the car and when traveling. Maybe a big iPod with the RockBox replacement firmware to play my flacs, but probably a smaller solid state player like a Nano, converting my flacs to MP3 when I'm on the go.

I know there is the flac to MP3 script, which will do it by directory, but what I want is to do it by playlist.

Make some playlists in SlimServer, like "Highway" "Ski" "Podcasts", whatever. Then point something at these playlists and have them converted to a folder of MP3s.

Any way to do this with combinations of existing plugins, or modifying that Perl script? I am not a programmer.

2006-05-06, 14:38
Foobar will probably do it, just load the playlist and hit convert.

2006-05-07, 17:55
I keep a "mirror directory" of mp3's. That is, I've ripped all my music to F:\FLAC. I then use Media Monkey to transcode all of that music to F:\MP3.


Besides being able batch transcode all your flac files to mp3, it will also play flac files if you're listening to music directly from your pc. It's a great program all in all so I recommend giving it a try!


2007-05-28, 12:21
I'm using Foobar2000 on an Intel Mac. The music resides and slimserver runs on another mac. The problem was that playlists generated in slimserver on that computer didn't have quite the right directory path names for use in FB2K over the network on the Intel Mac. Slim and FB2K seem to handle symbolic links a little differently in this situation.

To solve this problem, a young friend of mine wrote a little Ruby script to convert the pathnames to turn a Slim playlist into a foobar playlist for use on another computer on the network. Here it is, if anyone wants it. You will have to change the particular path name to suit your situation, but that's pretty straight forward. To upload it as an attachment here, I had to give it a .txt extention, just remove that, it should be called m3u.rb .