View Full Version : Voltage issues: buy in US take to UK

2006-05-06, 09:31
If I buy a Squeezebox for use in the US but later want to take it back to the UK will it be possible to reset the voltage from 110 to 220? (I realise it will need a new plug!)

Will there be any other issues?

2006-05-06, 13:35
The SB runs on a 5v supply so no you will have no problems. Just need to get a new 5v supply suitable for the UK mains i.e. 3 pin.

SlimDevices will even sell you the official Uk adapter I think....

2006-05-06, 15:22
Your best bet would be to order the UK power supply as an extra option when you order the SB in the US. Make sure you tell them you want both! Won't cost too much. No other issues. Just make sure you've checked it works before you export it... not that they are particularly unreliable, its just that it would be a pain to have to ship it back.


2006-05-06, 22:59
The US power supply will work in UK with a simple travel adapter (and vice versa). Voltage and frequency of the mains AC supply are interchangeable with the stock power supplies. So far as I have seen (and I have both) the only difference is the shape of the wall wart.

If it isn't long before you return to UK and you have yet to order Slim Devices will deliver new SBs with either kind of supply - you just need to specify. On an order for 2 I got one of each kind of supply.


2006-05-06, 23:03
The US power supply will work in UK with a simple travel adapter (and vice versa).

NO! Our US supply is only rated for 110-ish volts. The UK supply however will run on 110-240, and is ok to use in the USA with a simple plug adaptor.

Unless cost is of critical concern I'd suggest getting both US and UK supplies so you don't have to fiddle with adaptors or worry about voltages.

2006-05-08, 12:12

Sorry all, I have to confess I haven't taken the US versions home to UK yet, so perhap won't bother.....