View Full Version : Slim Devices expands accessories available

2006-05-05, 15:04
Just wanted to let everyone know that we have added a few extra items to our online store in the accessory section.

Firstly we are working with DH Labs to offer a few of their Silver Sonic interconnects. We have Theater Select analog interconnects and D-75 Digital coax and Deluxe Toslink optical cables. Each of these are available in 1m or 2m lengths. Of course, we supply analog interconnects with every SqueezeBox, so you don't need to purchase any of these - but we know many customers prefer higher spec cables as an option.

Secondly, we are introducing the first in a series of concert poster T-shirts. This is the start of a joint program with RadioIO focussing on a classic concert each month, with T-shirts, a special RadioIO station and other activities. This really goes live next month but the T-shirts are available now and they are for a Grateful Dead gig from Sept. 14-15 1969 at Providence Center, Rhode Island. The T-shirt features the poster design on the front, the date and venue on the back, Slim Devices and RadioIO logos on the sleeves.