View Full Version : Remote conficting with other devices

2006-05-05, 13:55
I have a settop box HUMAX PR-FOX-C for watching tv. My squeezebox remote turns this device on and off. I thought IR codes for remotes are unique? Any suggestions?

2006-05-05, 14:12
It would be neat if they were unique, especially if there was some group that assigned vendor codes (like MAC id's) for a prefix... but there isn't. Look at the manual for any universal remote that tells you to type in one of many codes to program their remote. If it was as simple as unique vendor codes, you wouldn't have as many as 5 or 6 codes for a given vendor's component.

Since it's unlikely that you can change the codes for your tv settop box, the best solution is to get a universal remote that can control a JVC DVD player (most should be able to), and change the player settings so that the squeezebox remote is not recognized, then hide the SB remote and use the universal.

Of course, if you also have JVC equipment, that won't work either.

2006-05-05, 14:14
Mostly unique, yes, but nothing to guarantee non-interference... One suggestion would be to get a universal remote and (1) get it to generate JVC codes and (2) tell slimserver to respond to same.

If that doesn't work you might need to get into the custom IR map.