View Full Version : 6.5 / 6.3 - Web UI Kills It

Michael Haan
2006-05-04, 11:06
How do I completely uninstall slimserver?  I was first installed as an RPM, then a tarball.  Both 6.5 and 6.3.  I want to wipe it out, and then try the install again, to see if I can fix this.

2006-05-04, 17:08
rpm -U removes rpm's doesn't it? (Been years since I touched RPM's...)

for the tarball, you'd rm -rf wherever-you-put-the-tarball.... which is exactly why package managers like rpm and apt exist.

Where did you extract the tarball?

2006-05-06, 07:31
that's upgrade. rpm -e to erase the rpm.

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Michael Haan
2006-05-06, 09:38
Here what I did to get it working:

Clean-out 6.5 by manually deleting everything.
Install 6.3 from RPM.
Create a symbolic link /usr/local/slimerserver pointing to
Verify it works.
Delete /usr/local/SlimServer_v2006-05-06
Install 6.5 using tar -xzvf SlimServer_v2006-05-06.tar.gz in /usr/local