View Full Version : Random Mix misbehavior

2006-05-03, 12:43
SlimServer Version: 6.3.0 - 7154 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252

When I am in the Random Mix pane, if I press the
select all button to select all genres, checkmarks
appear next to all genres, but the save button does not save
(actually has no effect at all). Instead the previous
settings continue to apply to the next random selection
operation. If I deselect all genres, the save button
works, and the effect is as if all genres are selected.
If I then select one or more genres by hand, it all works
as it should.

Is this a known bug?



2006-08-21, 09:57
I've been seeing the same behavior in 6.3.1 - 8278 on XP, using IE as the browser. I noticed that I'm unable to change the number of tracks/previous tracks displayed through the web interface using the Fishbone skin... I'll have to try other skins. I ended up changing it directly in my prefs file and restarting :(