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2006-05-03, 09:27
Not a problem playing DTS. i can do that fine. The problem is if i have a DTS track in the middle of a random mix my amp will stwitch from PCM stereo to DTS mode fine but after playing the track it will not switch back to stereo mode. it stays in DTS mode and becuase it's not recieving DTS it is silent.

I have to manaully switch the amp to another input and back again to get the sound back on

I don't have this problem when i play a DTS CD then eject it and stick in a Stereo CD (even though both are being fed from a digital connection from the CD to the amp) presumably the act of switching discs is killing the digital signal and restarting it. Whereas the digital signal from the SB3 is staying always on so the amp stays in the last mode it was put in.

Anyone else experience this problem and is there any way around it ?

2006-05-03, 09:41
A follow on thought.

if i can't solve the physical problem of sending a signal to the amp to "prod it" back into the right mode after playing a DTS track then obvioulsy i want to stop DTS tracks popping up in the middle of random mixes.

I was thinking if i tag all my DTS files with a genre of "DTS" then i can tell the random mixer to ignore files of that Genre. But do WAVs or FLACs support a "Genre" tag and if so is it one that Slimserver recognises ?

2006-05-03, 10:55
WAV's don't support tags at all.

FLAC's Genre tag is free-form. Put whatever you want there.

Mark Lanctot
2006-05-03, 13:17
I would say the problem lies more in the receiver. Most of them should be able to automatically switch back and forth from DTS to PCM. Check your manual.

2006-05-04, 04:17
I've not noticed this problem myself, but I may not have encountered the situation in the first place. The auto-detect mode of a receiver will work by looking for magic numbers in the data stream which tell it what sort of data is being sent. If those magic numbers disappear, the receiver has to decide what to do -- in your case, I guess it thinks it's having difficulty re-syncing with a DTS stream and elects not to just push that digital data out to the speakers (where it would sound awful).

I presume that the SB3 could interrupt its output stream to force the receiver to reconsider what it was receiving, but I suppose that could ruin gapless playback between ordinary PCM tracks.

I've proposed in Bug 3047 (http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=3047) that it would be useful if the SB2/3 could provide certain special behaviour if it knows it's handling a non-PCM digital stream (such as disabling analogue outputs). It seems to me that another useful effect might be to force a stream interruption of some sort if a DTS track is followed by a PCM track. I've added that idea to the bug.

(Identification of such tracks in the above scenario is another matter, but might be through a custom tag or the presence of certain values (DTS, Dolby Digital, etc) in a genre list.)

2006-05-04, 05:05
I presume that the SB3 could interrupt its output stream to force the receiver to reconsider what it was receiving, but I suppose that could ruin gapless playback between ordinary PCM tracks.

Well gapless playback wouldn't be an issue becuase there wouldn't be a case where two tracks ran into each other where one was DTS and the other wasn't. ( i can't think of one)

but it looks like my problem is solved anyway. I installed the new slimserver software last night and the first thing it did was prompt me to also upgrade the firmware on my squeezebox since doing this the problem has vanished. I can now go from stereo PCM to DTS and back to a stereo PCM track and the Amp just stwitches modes. So i don't know whats changed but whatever it is works for me.

I FLAC'd all my DTS WAVS last night and tagged them all with a Genre of "DTS"

Or where the whole album was a single WAV i FLAC'd that and created CUE file for it and Genre tagged the CUE file as "DTS".

(Then i found that the squeezebox was picking up the CUE file and the album FLAC file it referred to, so i renamed my single file FLACs as "Whatever.DTS" and pointed the CUE file at that. So the squeeze box only sees the one file now)

I can now do a "browse by Genre" to get straight to my DTS albums