View Full Version : Squeezenetwork Registration!

2006-05-03, 07:25

Got my Squeezebox 3 yesterday and was up nearly all night playing around and thoroughly enjoying myself...superb piece of kit. In fact I've spent all day today convincing all my work colleagues to purchase one!. Quick question, I entered my PIN number etc. into the Squeezenetwork page last night but I have not received an e-mail yet (nearly 24 hours later), I've tried to login and it accepts my login details but won't let me get any further. There is a button to press to resend the e-mail (which I've pressed) but still nothing. The e-mail address is correct. I'm keen for this to work so that I can try our Pandora.

Mark Morbius


2006-05-03, 07:32

Please contact support@slimdevices.com with your account details and they can get it sorted out for you.