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2006-05-03, 00:39
With a Squeezebox - can I browse the server music library using the remote while playing music and queue tracks and build dynamic playlists that can be saved.

Most PC software and MP3 players will let you do this - but I currently have a Pinnacle Showcenter that doesn't


2006-05-03, 01:39
While listening to music you can browse your music library or internet radio stations and add tracks to the currently playing playlist. You can also remove tracks from the playlist even if that track is not currently playing. You can save the current playlist at any time using the remote or the webinterface. The only thing you cannot do is adding songs to playlist B while playlist A is playing.
Using the webinterface you can however change the order of tracks or remove tracks from any playlist at any time.


2006-05-03, 04:59
Thanks for such a prompt reply - sounds good

2006-05-03, 10:57
There was a modded playlistman plugin that I posted not too long ago that would allow you to save a playing song to any of your saved playlists. I don't know if these mods are going to make it into the next release of the plugin though. But it can be an option