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2006-05-02, 14:37
I upgraded to 6.2.2 during the last few days and tonight I discovered that I'm having problems FTPing large(ish) files across my WLAN from the machine that uses my SB2 as a bridge.

I use FileZilla to FTP files up from a Debian-based server through my SB2 to a Windows XP upstairs and the copy is usually no problem, but since the upgrade I haven't been able to FTP a 236MB file.

The transfer starts OK (>700KB/s) but after 30 seconds or so the transfer seems to stall and the transfer rate drops to ~1KB/s, triggering retries and eventually a complete failure.

Strangely enough the copy worked fine using a Samba drive mounted across the WLAN.

Has anyone else seen a similar problem?

Wireless signal strength is showing at 36% which is quite low (possibly due to weather conditions), but I wouldn't have thought this would cause any major problems.

2006-05-03, 00:50
More info:

I copy the file over once a week and it has never failed before.

After installing 6.2.2 (and the associated firmware), I could no longer VNC, FTP or ping the box that is using the SB2 as a wireless bridge across the WLAN. However, the box (using the SB2 as a bridge ) *could* see the internet - so outgoing was OK, but incoming wasn't (if you see what I mean).

I then went through the wireless setup in the SB2 again, although I just kept pressing 'right' because all the settings had been preserved. This seemed to make the bridged box visible to the rest of the WLAN again.

Definitely something a weird going on since the upgrade.

Chris OH
2006-05-03, 04:44
The upgrade stuffed my set up so I rolled back to the previous version and all was well.

It might be a cop out but why not do the same?


2006-05-03, 07:26
I bridge an Xbox through my SB3, I hadn't put two and two together but I have noticed serious stuttering problems when playing online the last few days. It could well be related to the FW upgrade. I'll try rolling back and see what happens.

2006-05-03, 12:13
Right, just rolled back to 6.2.1 and the problem was still there, so just to be sure I went back into the network settings and went through them without making any changes (just pressing 'right') and now the problem has disappeared.

Somehow the problem is connected to the network settings - maybe to do with how the firmware recognises/uses them?

Anyway - I am now 100% sure the problem is due to the upgrade. With firmware 28, FileZilla has been sitting there transderring a file across my WLAN at just under 800KB/s. No drop-outs or retries for 20 minutes now - solid. The SB2 signal strength is also now back upto 44%.

Summary of my actions:

1. FTP file transfers across WLAN, using SB2 as bridge were no problem with 6.2.1 and earlier (signal strength ~44%)
2. upgrade to 6.2.2 - can't connect to bridged PC over WLAN (not even ping is responding), yet bridged PC can see across WLAN and out to the internet
3. go into SB2 network settings, check everything and change nothing - can now connect to bridged PC but FTP file transfers drop out randomly (signal strength 36%)
5. downgrade to 6.2.1 - FTP file transfer problems persist
6. go into SB2 network settings, check everything and change nothing - FTP file transfer problems have gone away and signal strength now back at 44%

There is definitely an issue here.

2006-05-10, 14:12
OK, due to the lack of response I assume that no-one else has experienced any bridging problems with 6.2.2 and firmware 48.

The problem that I describe above is repeatable and seriously affects the bridging functionality.

Can someone (from Slim if possible) advise me on whether it's worth creating a bug report or not (bearing in mind that 6.3 and 6.5 are in development and on the horizon).

2006-05-10, 23:58
You can transfer something! Lucky you! ;)

I seem to have lost the ability to even get a DHCP IP address from my bridged PC. Tried resetting the router, the SB2 and going thru the network settings again.

I'll try to get some time this weekend to look at it in more detail, and there was me just thinking the other day of running some Cat5e down to the living room rather then relying on the bridge all the time.

Really wanted the 24b/48Khz flac improvements too. :(