View Full Version : Soft Touch Remote: Off Boresight Performance?

Todd Fields
2003-11-19, 10:28
--- Oscar Marsh <jigsaw250 (AT) yahoo (DOT) co.uk> wrote:

> bookshelf on which the SLIMP3 sits. In other words,
> you don't need to
> be directly in front of the unit to zap it - it's
> good.

Not in my experience. How old is your unit and are
you using the new remote? Mine has very little
tolerance for angles. My SLIMP3 sits about five feet
off the ground directly in front of my couch which is
about eight feet away. It is sometimes difficult to
get it to receive the remote signals when I am sitting
on my couch. It usually takes multiple pushes of the
buttons or I have to hold the remote up in the air.
This is with a brand new set of Engergizer batteries
in it.

My unit is about six months old and I am using the new remote.

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