View Full Version : Problem opening new files

2006-05-01, 11:03
I haven't anything to my library for a while. I have just ripped a few tracks with EAC and SB2 says 'Problem: Can't Open File For..' All old files are playing fine. Any ideas?

2006-05-01, 17:40
Do a rescan - that will fix your problem

2006-05-02, 02:49
Nope. Tried that multiple times. Now the problem has mutated into no FLAC files playing at all (displaying the same 'Problem' message), while all mp3's are playing fine. I've tried re-installing slimserver and the latest nightly builds, and also factory re-setting the SB2, all to no avail. I can't believe how flaky my SB2's/Slimserver's behaviour has become in the last few months. Very poor indeed Slim!