View Full Version : Interference and Synchronisation

2006-05-01, 10:38
I have been a Slimp3 user for several years and recently bought two wireless SB3 to complement it. The Slimp3 is running Firmware version 2.3 and the two SB3 are running firmware version 48. The server is running 6.2.2 - 7135 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252 and is a reasonably meaty Dell PowerEdge 600SC with 2Gb of RAM.
If I sync the two SB3s then everything seems to work fine, but if I include the Slimp3 then I get some sort of echo or distortion when listening. It is quite subtle, but irritating. Has anyone else had these problems or is there something that I am doing wrong in the setup? I have Lame installed for AlienBBC (which sold the whole setup to my wife - what an excellent addin), but from my understanding it is not used as all my music is encoded as MP3.

Any help will be appreciated.