View Full Version : Random acts of blankness

2006-04-30, 22:01
So today I added some new music to iTunes and thought I'd update the SimServer to listen to some tunes. After 20 minutes or so I went over to my home computer and yes, the playlists were all there but they were all empty (I had asked the server to update playlists since I am using iTunes and playlists within iTunes). I then tried to check for new or changed music and got the same thing. So I then tried to update everything and got 900 empty playlists. This stuff seems to happen every once and a while and always if I want to listen to updated musoc before going to bed so it doesn't make me as crazy as it used to but why would the server show a new playlist albeit empty? It's picking up one of the pieces of information but why not all of the information? How long should it take to rescan a 900 playlist library on a Mac running 10.4.6, wireless network, plenty of RAM?