View Full Version : Duplicating songs...restore earlier version?

2006-04-30, 05:39
Updated with the latest version of Slimserver and now throughout my library, certain songs are being repeated in the album listings (it seems rather random and NOT related to playlists - for example, of three CDs ripped via ITunes yesterday, none of which are in playlists - only one did not have duplicate tracks). Checking my iTunes library shows a correct rip of the CD. The problem seems to be with the Slimserver itself.

Any suggestions on how to cure this?

Failing which, can I restore to an earlier version of Slimserver that does not have this bug - I don't necessarily need all the latest bells and whistles (Internet radio etc.) so I can live with that. Where do I find old versions of Slimserver and are these downloadable to replace this latest (buggy) version?

Many thanks