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2006-04-29, 22:12
When listening to some archive radio programs (.asx), tuning in to them using SlimServer + SB3, can we do fast forwarding?

Any tips would be appreciated.

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-30, 07:35
I believe archived radio programs are still sent to you via a stream.

As the stream is controlled by a content provider, no player, hardware or software, can search through the stream.

2006-04-30, 09:48
It is possible to jump forward on the BBCs radio player, but then it is using an embeded version on RealPlayer. It allows you to skip forward in five minute steps.

I don't think this is possible through the SB, but i've never tried it. I don't enev know if it would be possible for AlienBBC to impliment this feature, i have no idea how the decoder works.

2006-04-30, 10:23
AlienBBC lets you navigate in a recorded BBC clip using the fwd rev buttons by holding them down. Its not the same as the native factility - it shows a time value which increments/decrements while you hold the button down. This is similar to the song scanner pluggin, which does NOT work with Alien but does work with files.

2006-04-30, 12:17
Skip forward/backward with RealAudio is implemented by the server not the player - the URL has a parameter starttime (relative or absolute) so all AlienBBC does is stop ans restart the stream with a different startime.

ASX files have a starttime option but ASX files are generally parsed by the player so I think the ffwd/rew would have to be done by the player but I've never tested ASX sources. If you could suggest some ASX archives - I'll try some tests.

2006-04-30, 23:43
Well, I can usually achieve that on my PC using Windows Media Player.

One example of the source is:


2006-05-01, 00:35
I have checked - the Starttime field in ASX files is handled by the player - not many players implement it but WMP does. Mplayer which is used by AlienBBC for RealAudio and WMA support - does not handle Starttime so cannot FFWD. So a quick change to AlienBBC to handle FFWD using this approach is not possible.

However mplayer does support ffwd/rew +/- 1 minute at a time while the stream is playing - so there is a faint possibility using mplayer but it needs investigation.

PC players like WMP can do all sorts of things with a stream as they effectively have unlimited memory to save the stream and so Rew is easy. FFWd is usually achieved by reading the stream without playing it (i.e. all the data is read - it is not skipped) so FFWD speed is limited by the transmission throughput of the server.