View Full Version : Anybody else a member of la la ?

2006-04-29, 21:01
I figure music fans might want to know about lala.com. It's in beta right
now, a service to trade cds for only a buck per cd. I've been a member for
a month, so far so good.

2006-04-30, 06:39
I've been a member for a month or so. Mostly my experience has been positive, but it will be interesting to see how it goes when it's out of beta and the uncivilized masses are able to join.

2006-04-30, 09:36
From http://lala.com/frontend/action/aboutlala:

I ask you to do your part by doing the right thing: remove songs from your iPod or PC if you've agreed to send the CD to another member.

It's a nice thought and probably a necessary attempt to cover their nearly naked asses, but I think this is some very wishful thinking.

2006-05-01, 00:19
I joined, and it looks great. I really like the idea of the artists getting a portion of the profits, bypassing the labels and the RIAA. I just finished flac-ing my discs, and haven't done any trades yet, but my list already has some matches for trades.

If anyone needs an invite to join, I have some.

2006-05-01, 03:38
U.S. only - bleh

2006-05-01, 04:53
I've been a member for a couple of months. I've done 128 trades (sent 79, received 49). It's been great for clearing out the stacks of CDs I don't want any more and I've been able to listen to lots of music I wouldn't have been willing to pay real money to try.

I've only traded a few CDs that I had ripped, and I immediately deleted all copies of them before sending them. It's obvious that there are some people who are not doing that though.

There are lots of kinks to work out before they take this thing live. For example, the original intent was to trade only the discs without any liner notes. There's a vocal faction who demand liner notes and the lala people haven't done anything to resolve the problem, leading to lots of unhappiness. In general, the guys running the show seem to be very enthusiastic but not very good at solving the problems.

The "artists get 20%" thing is well intentioned, but they don't know how it's going to work and the few details they've released don't sound like it will work. The current thinking is that the artists will have to come to lala and register before they get checks. If there are disputes over who gets what percentage for a particular CD (say, if Liam and Noel Gallagher are fighting that day), they will have an arbitration process. Any unclaimed money goes into some sort of charitable fund. In the end, big names like Madonna will get their share and the rest of the pack will get very little, just like in the music world at large.

2006-08-13, 15:25
Just joined and added all of my cds. Nice concept, but newly released cds are the most in demand though (no suprise) and there's only around 10-15 cds out of my close to 300 which are on other people's want lists. I guess that means I own a lot of popular cds which everyone else on the service already owns or doesn't want. Unfortunately, those aren't the cds I wanted to sell. So, this doesn't seem like a great alternative (as I had hoped) to selling them to used cd stores for $1-2. I guess they'll sit in the rack so a few more years...

Also, other people seem to be "quick on the trigger" when new requests to trade come in. Several times I've been told that the cd request has already been fulfilled by another user. I just went to the cd rack to make sure the cd was in the case and didn't have any scratches, by the time I was back at the pc it was gone.

Lastly, after adding all of my cds I started adding some to my want list. Without prompting me, it showed that one had been shipped. This was a surprise as I thought I would at least have the option to receive it before it was sent. I guess this isn't a problem once you're familiar/comfortable with the service but I wasn't expecting it.

Minor update - it appears that people are actively adding items to their want lists so request for my cs have been as high as 21 and as low as 12 in a 6 hour period. I've traded 4 cds (my first day) so it still looks promising but not a place to dump crappy cds.

2008-10-21, 18:06
I've just joined and I'm wondering if I can access my matched music collection via an SB3 or Boom? Maybe I'm just not getting this service? Is it like MusicLocker and Pandora rolled into one?

2008-10-22, 01:14
Jazz1 wrote:
> I've just joined and I'm wondering if I can access my matched music
> collection via an SB3 or Boom? Maybe I'm just not getting this service?
> Is it like MusicLocker and Pandora rolled into one?

Sounds like it. And they have this track so that you don't have to
upload your collections if they already have the songs on their server.