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2006-04-29, 20:33
Reading to all this posts - everybody echoes how wonderfull the slim product is.. well.. here we go.. that's ONE Roku has done right and Slim not..

quote.. Unlike Slim Devicesí Squeezebox products, which require you to install the companyís SlimServer software, the Radio interfaces directly with the music software already on your computer. For example, if you use iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC, enabling iTunes Sharing will allow the SoundBridge Radio to access your shared iTunes Library just as if it was another computer running iTunes. The Radio also supports Windows Media Connect, Rhapsody, MusicMatch Jukebox 10, and Twonkyvision. (It also works with Rokuís own Roku Music Server and Slim Devicesí SlimServer.)
quote over..

May I propse that instead of echoing what is great - go back to the bench boys and get it even better..


2006-04-29, 21:36
From a hardware point of view agreed, I'd like to see something like that from Slim. The software though? You have to be kidding. UPnP is pretty basic, Roku's server software sucks and their devices really don't work properly with slimserver.

2006-04-29, 21:47
I do want a hardware radio in the Squeezebox, though using a Tivoli Model
Two for the speakers works pretty well. still it would be nice to have the
radio integrated into the SB, doing stuff like "if players are synchronized
and 1 switches to radio, all should switch to radio".

This feature would be worth a hardware refresh on my SB's.

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2006-04-29, 21:51
And if you like your network being compromised, sure, use a Roku. WEP is not secure. Nice to see Roku is keeping up with standards.

At least they are promising WPA real soon now for their radio product.

Of course, their web page still says that it's shipping "Soon".. which it has said for several months.

Yep, they're very much on the ball there: no pesky shipping products for you to find flaws in. Everything is as perfect as claimed.

2006-04-30, 00:10
Roku are now working with an open Source server mtdaapd (iTunes compatible) project and are adding a proprietary protocol to add more functionality. Also they are launching their own server Firefly which I think will be uPNP with their own protocol addition.

It seems they have realised the shortcomings of the "standard" server and that users want functionality.


Mark Lanctot
2006-04-30, 07:25
UPnP is pretty basic

Not only is it basic, it's a security hole:


It's been broken since December 2001.

Also Roku's products now all upsample to 48 kHz. This would include the radio (not in radio mode of course, in server playback mode).

And based on how rabid Apple is about intellectual property, being able to use iTunes certainly doesn't make a product more attractive to me. Alternate servers are nice though and SlimServer has several! (Moose, SlimRemote, SlightServer, WinSlim etc.)

2006-04-30, 10:51
Two reasons why I chose a Squeezebox 3 over the Roku 1000: the Squeezebox includes a far better built-in DAC, and the display is much easier to read from across the room. Plus the design of the SB3 is aesthetically simply beautiful... oh, and it includes built-in Pandora support.

2006-04-30, 17:04
Keeping up with the Joneses... Competition is a good thing. This can only help keep Slim Devices on their toes. Last time I looked at the Roku player it was at the same level as the SBv1.

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-30, 19:50
Last time I looked at the Roku player it was at the same level as the SBv1.

It still is, isn't it? I mean the radio is still vapourware at this point.

It's still WEP, still 802.11b.

Sonos is the real competition for Slim, although they're more focused on the multiroom aspect and are more aimed for the "I'll give you a boatload of cash for something I'll never have to touch" crowd.