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2006-04-29, 17:28
I have an SB3 and an older SB. For some reason after I updated the SB to firmware 40 this problem started (but not immediately unfortunately).
SB starts, goes to first welcome screen then straight to 'Press up/down, set up networking' a press of right button gives chance to choose DHCP or static IP. This is a wireless SB but I get no chance to choose wired or wireless etc. If I choose DHCP it fails to get network and says 'problem can't connect to wireless network'yet I have it connected by cable! If I specify an IP address same but says Slimserver not running. Everything is OK because SB3 works fine! Tried holding brightness and add on power up but nothing helps.
Is this a dead SB? (bought it second hand a few months ago so cant tell what may have happened to it).
Is there any way to reflash/reboot/shake it out of this state? Or is it bin time?

2006-04-29, 18:30
If it doesn't give you the choice to select wired it sounds as if it doesn't think it's got a cable connection. Check the socket - there should be a solid light indicating a good link. It sounds to me as if you're using either a bad cable or the wrong kind. Are you connecting to a switch/hub or directly to a PC?

2006-04-30, 03:50
I am using an ethernet cable that I remove from my laptop and which works fine for that The laptop 802.11, is in range and will connnect happily by either method. I have tried another ethernet outlet and no change. I use a Watchguard Edge 5X wireless hub as it has IPSEc and I use VPN. I did update firmware a month ago but that has had no effect. 5 pcs in house, half wlreless, I really don't think this is anetwork problem.

2006-04-30, 08:44
I was unable to get the ethernet connection option to disappear whatever I did on either an SB1 or SB2/3.

Factory reset is:

Disconenct power
Hold Add
Reconnect power
Wait for "Factory Reset"
Release Add

2006-04-30, 22:59
I guess my problems may be bigger than I think because I cannot see anything happen when I try 'add' plus power on! I repower with add held down and the display still goes to same setup networking page however long I hold down ADD

2006-05-01, 07:30
That's strange. Are the batteries in the remote OK? It may be worth giving Slim Devices a call - they'll walk you through the diagnostics.

2006-05-02, 15:18
thanks to all for comments, I know not what fixed it except that I stuffed a really strong ethernet cable up its posterior and rebooted with every variation of button presses possible, then upgraded to 6.2.2 on server and suddenly I had the ethernet option and all was well. It had got stuck in a '40 firmware wireless death loop'. If you see general discussion 'is SB3 robust' post you will see that my SB3 died at the same time so altogether I was not a happy bunny.