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2006-04-29, 16:28
I just loaded the new 6.2.2 software this afternoon. The SlimServer software has been randomly shutting itself off ever since. Sometimes it will stay on for minutes. At other times only for seconds. Download and installation appeared to go without incident. I have a wireless connection. I have tried rebooting my computer, router, and cable connection without success.

I am ready to delete the 6.2.2 software and go back to the last version which seemed to work with only minor glitches. Any suggestions as to what else I might try?

2006-04-29, 18:12
Curious of the type of OS you are running slimserver on?

2006-04-29, 18:50
Hi- Im also having the exact same problems and tried everything that hwjernigan did. Im running Mac OS 10.3.9, Squeezebox V3.

This is really starting to frustrate me having never really achieved a non-skipping or pausing connection with the Squeezebox. The Airport Express I used before was almost perfect.

2006-04-29, 19:51
I am using Windows XP with Linksys WRT54GS router. I have since deleted 6.2.2 and reloaded 6.2.1. Everything seems to be working fine with the old software. It's really rather frustrating.

2006-04-30, 04:18
When you say shut off, have you checked that it isn't just the display which has switched off ? See this recent thread for example:



2006-04-30, 04:48
Hi- My problem definately isnt the screen display settings. It is freezing after the initial track finishes.

2006-04-30, 12:40
No, the Slimserver program on the computer stopped. The lights on the taskbar icon went dark; any music playing stopped. If I double clicked on the icon I got a "SlimServer Starting" message and the program would start again. Each time it started it would fully open up on the computer to the Slim Devices/Squeezebox website at http://localhost:9000/. Within seconds, or one or two minutes, it would again stop.

2006-05-02, 14:07

Same again - I upgraded to 6.2.2 the other day, SB3 then upgraded firmware to 48, tried to play something - SB3 tried to connect and then shut off. Checked SlimServer, it was not running, so started it. Tried to play something, same thing again. Restarted SS and tried to play via the web interface, same thing.

SS would stay running until I tried to play something, which simply caused SS to stop.

Tried rebooting etc to no avail, so re-installed 6.2.1, which has been running for months, and all was well again - music ! SB3 is still running FW 48 so it's SS 6.2.2 which is the problem.

My hardware has not changed in as many (more in fact) months and it's running Windows Server 2003 SP1. Wireless LAN (80% signal), router is a Netgear WGT624 v3 (with fast mode disabled).

Seems to be a lot of posts on this subject....

2006-05-02, 14:13
Have you seen this recent post by Chris Owens (Slim Devices) ?

Could it be related to the problems you're experiencing ?