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2006-04-29, 12:11
I'm trying to get all (or most) of my questions answered *before* I buy a Squeezebox.

I've been through a ton of posts on this and other forums here (man, the audiophile power supply discussion is something else!) and am very pleased with all the participation and the eagerness to answer questions. The manual (which I downloaded) and some of the threads in the Beginner forum have answered many my questions, but here's one that's surprisingly basic:

In the Owner's Guide, it states to "connect Squeezebox to your stereo amplifier". Does the SB actually bypass the pre-amp? If so, *must* it bypass the pre-amp? There's a lot of control in the pre-amp section that I would not want to surrender.


2006-04-29, 12:15
You can connect it to a pre-amp. Best way to do that is digital, and then use the slimserver setting to lock the digital outputs at max.

Patrick Dixon
2006-04-29, 14:05
Analogue into a pre-amp is fine too.