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2006-04-29, 11:40
Some radio stations have web sites that have archives of previously broadcast programs.

How does one play these with SB?

The most I can figure is it must be a two step process-- first use any browser to navigate the site and identify the archive. Then make a playlist so SB can play it. No way to play an archived program directly, right?

Thank you.

P.S. I've started to try out Softsqueeze and Slimserver, but so far I jst get chipmunk sounds. Maybe that is a problem with older versions (I was trying on a Windows ME machine, so used older versions).

2006-04-29, 14:08
There are a number of possibilities. Mnay require some work on a plugin although if the site can provide XML the plugin can be quite small.

Check the archive site and see if there is a RSS or Podcast link in XML or OPML - try using that link with Podcast Browser.

For BBC & NPR - AlienBBC already provides access to recent programs. AlienBBC can also handle BBC and ABC podcasts. There is also a Plugin for the Live Music Archive.

Look at these plugins for ideas on how to approach the problem.

What archives had you in mind ?

2006-05-01, 20:50
Thank you, bpa, for your reply.

I really am pretty unfamiliar with internet radio, but that is about to change.

I frequently listen to NPR, so am glad to learn of the "AlienBBC" plugin.

We lived in Canada for a few years, and developed an appreciation of the CBC. Maybe there is or will be support for them, too.

This is the URL for the particular archives that prompted my original question: http://mbn.org/GenMoody/default.asp?sectionID=77F4FF2D6CA5421298F8A4F589B0 E8F0 I wanted to be able to select a particular archive "on the fly" and listen.

Thank you for your help.



2006-05-02, 00:09
The Moody archive is quite simple in layout but it would need a small amount Perl to be written to parse and extract the URL. However once done - it would be appicable to other 3 Moody archives.

Moody also have Podcasts which are more readily accessible but they do not seem to have the content you want(SOM).

Regarding CBC - CBC posts a list of streaming URLs at the following URL

If you copy the URL that is relevant to you and then paste it into the Radio Tune of the Slimserver webpage - it will play. You can then add the station to your favorites and from then it is easily accessible from the Squeezebox.

I think the CBC radio archives would take a bit of Perl development work to make them accessible from the Squeezebox.

2006-05-02, 11:18

Thank you for your informative and helpful replies.


2006-05-02, 11:37
I think the parser for the NPR "Prarie" archive could be modified easily for the Moody archives.

I'll have a look at it in a few days when I'll have some spare time and post any results on this thread.

2006-05-02, 20:44

I am quite astounded at your assistance, which has already been very helpful. If you come up with something, that's great, and if you don't you have already been more than generous.



P.S. Maybe it would be a future product enhancement to provide a sort of web-based "tuner". I mean a way to make adhoc selections for playing via SB, rather than through a computer, per se. I could imagine browsing with my Nokia 770 [that I haven't bought, yet :-) ] to play arbitrary internet stuff [without making it into a playlist], as well as definie and select playlists from my [soon to be] ripped CD collection.

P.P.S. Keep in mind that I really don't know what I am talking about. I don't know if the suggestion above makes any sense, actually. From my very limited exposure to SB, I think it is an excellent product, and expect to buy several.

Thank you again for your time.

2006-05-05, 15:30
You need to have installed AlienBBC 1.01 or 1.02 for this addon.

Attached is a AlienBBC Addon menu for the Moody Broadcasting archives - it handle all 4 programs since they are structured the same as Sound of Majesty.

Unzip the file into the Alien/AlienAddon directory. As a check it should create a new directory AlienMoodyMenu in the directory which has the AlienABCMenu.pm file. In the AlienMoodyMenu directory there are 3 files.

After installing the file restart slimserver. A new menu item "MBN Programs" should appear in the AlienBBC - follow the menu to the Sound of Majesty archive.

I've only tested in Linux but it should be ok on Windows.


The Moody web site is quite slow so when you select an archive it can be up to 15 secs before the list of availabel programs appear.

You may need to set Server Setting/Network/Radio Station timeout to something like 30 secs as Moody web site seemed to be slow loading.

You could also set AlienBBC web page cache age to say 30 to improve performance (Server setting/AlienBBC).

2006-05-05, 17:00
Thank you very much, bpa.

I will experiment this weekend. May I can conjure up a newer machine (newer than Windows ME to avoid the chipmunks) to see how it works using Softsqueeze (until my SB arrives-- just ordered one).

Thanks again.


2006-05-06, 00:35
If you are using an SB2/3 you will need to uncheck the "WMA builtin" under Server Setting/Filetypes. I'm not sure why WMA is doesn't decode within the SB2/3 but it may be the same bug the Sirius plugin has encountered.

2006-05-22, 00:50

I want to thank you, again, for your generous assistance in adding the MBN selections to AlienBBC.

I bought a Squeezebox, recently.

I think the device is actually more impressive "in person" than the online description and photos would suggest. It's just such an attractive package of compact functionality. It's actually elegant, IMO.

Anyway, everything just worked. Your plug-in is a snap to install and use, and t works perfectly, so far as I can tell. Well, I did have a little bit of head scratching until I reviewed your last post that cautioned about the need to disable WMA built-in. I don't get that. (Without your comment, I don't think I ever would have figured out I needed to uncheck WMA built-in. Is there any negative consequence to doing that?)

Thank you. I appreciate your generosity with your time, which all of us seem to find in short supply.



2006-05-22, 01:08
I am not sure but I think the following is the main consequence of not using built in WMA.

The SB2/3 can FFW/REW within tracks in formats which are decoded internally. So when you have disabled builtin WMA - you cannot FFW/REW within WMA encoded tracks (i.e. files NOT broadcast streams) as the the PC will be doing the decoding.

2006-06-16, 23:37
I have been appreciating bpa's AlienBBC customization to listen to archived radio programs (using Slim Server).

Now, I am wondering if it is possible to achieve the same goal (playing a desired archived program), but without using Slim Server. In other words, I'd like to learn how to use Squeezenet to accomplish the same thing.

I'm now thinking that I can't do EXACTLY the same thing-- but I can come close. That is, I don't think I can arrange to get a scrollable and selectable list of my desired programs from Squeezenet, but, I think (from searching forum posts), that I should be able to get a particular one. I think I could manually enter a URL (corresponding to a particular program) in the Favorites at squeezenet.com. Then, I should be able to use either the remote, or the Squeezenet web interface to initiate playing on my SB3.

So, I tried it. At least, I think I tried it. But, it didn't work.

I surfed the MBN site and found what I thought was the URL for an archived program. For example, http://www.mbn.org/ContentStore/ProgAudioArchives/2006-06-16_Track-01_track01soundofmajesty.asx .

Then, I tested it by pasting it into my browser (IE6). WMP popped up and the program started playing. Seemed like success. So, then I went to squeezenet.com and pasted the same URL into my Favorites, saved the revised Favorites, and then tried to play it. The display on the SB3 looked like it was starting to play it, but then after 10 - 15 seconds, it "Stopped". (I mean that the display indicated it was playing [for a few seconds], but, no sound. Then the display indicated it "Stopped".)

I can play other Favorites just fine.

I must be doing someting wrong... So, I'm wondering just what I'm misunderstanding and/or doing wrong?

Thank you for any further assistance.



2006-06-17, 00:32
I think the problem is not the URL but the format.

MBN uses a codec that is not supported by the SB3 so to play the station on your SB3, you have unchecked under Filetypes "Windows media (Builtin)". The decoding is then carried out by the PC. Squeezenetwork does not provide this decoding facility.

For some stations this Firmware 54 has solved this problem - I am not sure about MBN.

2006-06-17, 01:14

Thank you for your informative remarks.