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2006-04-29, 10:31
Hi, a Dell 2.66Ghz w/ XPSP2, using iTunes. Router is Netgear DG834GT.

Squeezebox 3 (wireless) response Problem: cannot connect to Slimserver

Initially I set to obtain IP address automatically, but recvd above error. So I've tried specify w/ same error.
- I found the assigned IP address was 169.xx, so changed this to 192.168etc making sure it was a unique address.
- Subnet Mask was, however IPCONFIG shows so have changed SB to this.
- default gateway was zeros, so changed this to the same address in IPCONFIG
- DNS server is all zeros. I have not changed this
- I have the Windows default firewall, the appropriate ports are open here.

Still same problem

Do I have to change/add anything on the router? It has an integral firewall.
Anything else?

Your help and advice you would be much appreciated.
Many thx

2006-04-29, 15:23
Sounds like you're not getting properly connected to the network. Make sure there's no MAC filtering in place. Also check and double check you WEP/WPA settings (if possible, disable all security for a moment to test that the connection works). Once you are able to get an IP via DHCP that indicates you're talking OK to the router (and thus the rest of the network). If the problems connecting to the server persist at that point, disable the Windows firewall.

2006-04-29, 17:03
I found the assigned IP address was 169.xx,
this means that the SB wasn't being given an IP address by the DHCP server. Usually your router should be a DHCP server.

You have to get that fixed before anything else.

I know some people believe assigning a static IP address (more or less what you tried to do) solves problems, but I think it makes problems unless you really understand TCP/IP.

Integral firewall routers are often a problem.

Can you turn off or tone down the router's integral firewall?

In particular, you need to see if it sets up firewalls between ports, and disable those if it sets up any.

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-29, 17:27
See here:


2006-04-29, 17:37
thanks, Mark, forgot that resource.

2006-05-01, 00:24
Hi, a Dell 2.66Ghz w/ XPSP2, using iTunes. Router is Netgear DG834GT.

Mike, you need to use the latest squeezebox firmware with this router. Please make sure you are using slimserver 6.2.2, or download and install it if required. Then you will need to use an Ethernet cable to connect your squeezebox to your PC, and upgrade the firmware when prompted. I think you should find it connects over the wireless network fine after that.


2006-05-02, 00:17
Many thanks to you all for your advice, very helpful indeed.

I found I needed a firmware update for my router too. Having installed the latest, it all sprang into life! Perfect

I am very happy with the product.


2006-05-02, 07:14
Excellent news!