View Full Version : Crazy device MAC address - two days old and no longer working

2006-04-29, 07:46
I got my squeezebox two days ago and it was great -- for one. :-(

It will no longer connect to the wireless network. I've reset all the settings several times. When I was looking through the current settings I happened to notice that the MAC address was very very odd looking. It was something like FF FD FE 00 00 00. This doesn't look like a valid MAC address to me. And I recall seeing what looked like a more normal one when scrolling through the settings when it was working.

Sometime during all of this (when it was still working), I did upgrade to the latest firmware. Not sure if that's relevant or not.

Help! I can no loner connect at all.

2006-04-29, 07:56
You can edit the MAC address by going into View Current Settings,
then scroll down to the MAC address and press the right arrow.

However, we'd love to be able to reproduce this bug. Any idea what
might have triggered it? One of our theories is about unplugging and
plugging in the unit. Did it get power cycled in that time?

2006-04-29, 08:04
I just updated the MAC address to match the one on the bottom of the unit but it still won't connect to the network. Ugg.

I have done a bunch of unplugging and plugging in. I will watch closely for the scenario in which an unplug might make the MAC address go bad and i'll let you know if I can repro.

Any other suggestions on why it can no longer connect (or how to fix it)? Everything was happy for the first few hours. Needless to say the rest of the wireless network is working just fine...

2006-04-29, 08:08
More data... I'm resolved for now...

I reset my wireless router, unplugged the squeezebox (the mac address didn't get damaged by this), did a factory reset of the squeezebox, reentered the network information via Setup Networking and it worked.

Not sure which if any of these steps made the difference.

2006-05-01, 13:22
Well, I've heard that for people that have this problem, it sometimes happens again. Please let us know if you notice that! I'm very keen to reproduce this issue.