View Full Version : 6.2.2 playlist problem

2006-04-29, 07:38
I just installed 6.2.2. I rescanned library, checked all settings etc. My playlist names are shown when I browse, but no songs are displayed. (Playlist is empty) I have playlists set up in itunes. I had no problems in previous slimserver versions. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance


2006-04-29, 10:07
I'm having the same problem - MacOS X 10.4.6 / iTunes 6.0.4

Playlists are either empty or missing tons of songs. This is horrible!

2006-04-29, 13:11
I had a similar issue. This is on 6.2.2, MacOS X 10.3.9, and iTunes 4.7.1.

Initially, I had zero songs shown in my library. I had to disable 'use iTunes' under server settings, and manually select my iTunes music folder. That got all my music back, but with empty playlists. So I then renabled 'use iTunes' and my music was still there.

I then went under the iTunes page of Server Settings and did several things. For some reason the music library XML location and the music folder were set (correctly, though), so I blanked those settings out. I then set my iTunes refresh time to 1 second. I opened up iTunes and changed one playlist. I finally did a 'only rescan playlists' from the server settings page. That got all my playlists repopulated. I switched my refresh time back and that was that.

I'm not sure which of those things actually did the trick, but it's been working fine ever since.