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2006-04-29, 05:49
KEYWORDS: softsqueeze, buttons, preferences, registry, winxp

Some time ago (before the upgrade to 6.2.2) and through(& after slimsoft 2.3) I've had a problem with the slimsoft player.

Sx: The player loads but none of media related buttons (direction arrows, play, etc) have any effect. The prefs and such work fine.
Working Buttons:Prefs, About
--all others yield no response.
BTW: the skin is excession-large, & changing skins has no effect (no improvement).

WorkAround: Slimsoft does connect to the server and plays what ever is assigned to play for that client. I can change music, skip, pause etc but _only_ from the website.

Has anyone seen heard of this before? --any pointers to a solution would be graciously received.

<> I have re-installed but did so w/o removing the previous version as...
<> I don't know where my OS, Win XP pro, keeps the files. --I'd try a removal/re-install.

In advance, thanks for your time and effort w/ this.

2006-04-29, 13:24
By Slimsoft I presume you mean SoftSqueeze. I had similar symptoms on a Linux installation and I deleted the preferences file.

On Windows the preferences are kept in the Windows Registry - I don't know the top key but the bottom is something like

I think delete the SoftSqueeze branch to reset the prefs.

2006-04-30, 03:46
yes, softsqueeze is it exactly. & you were spot on w/ the fix as well..


a pint for you sir! and my many thanks!