View Full Version : 6.2.2: Browse Genre -> Artist : not respecting Compilations

2006-04-27, 20:39
Just installed 6.2.2.

1) it did a rescan automatically after i installed it.. perhaps necessary.. but I don't really see why unless the schema has changed.

2) I have the following compilation settings:
"Group Compilation Albums together"
"List Albums by Band"
"Show any tracks & albums for an artist"

When I Browse Artist or Browse Genre->All Artists, I get the correct behaviour, and Compilations are shown under Various Artists.
When I Browse Genre -> <genre> (say Electronica/Dance), in addition to Compilation being listed under Various Artists, I get the individual track artists for my compilations in the Artist list.

I tried stopping the server, deleting the cache, and doing a full rescan. Same behaviour.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Windows XP, Installed 6.2.2 over 6.2.1.. no problems with plugins in logs (most plugins disabled)

2006-04-27, 22:05
Confirmed this with a clean install of 6.2.2 and a single album music library.

Will enter bug report.

2006-04-28, 02:43
NB: fixed in 6.3 nightly build.

2006-04-29, 06:51
Hi, I also have this problem and am very vexed by it. With the no. of songs that I have, it's too tedious to scroll through all the different artists. So now I have to scroll through albums instead.

Sorry what do you mean 'fixed in 6.3 nightly build'?

2006-04-29, 11:04
On 29-Apr-06, at 6:51 AM, Quest wrote:
> Sorry what do you mean 'fixed in 6.3 nightly build'?