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2006-04-26, 16:23
An internet radio station I enjoy - Smoothjazz.com, offers standard 128 kbps MP3 streaming, and 192 kbps MP3 streaming via something called "Octoshape".

Octoshape requires a special plugin in order to play. I downloaded the plugin onto my computer - and the MP3 will play via Winamp, but I can't play it on Squeezebox.

Any thoughts on how to make this work with Squeezebox? Has anyone even heard of "Octoshape"?

2006-04-26, 17:10
Well, I should have done a "google" before posting...


Octoshape is VERY cool - and could be a major development for high quality internet audio streaming. It's a "peer to peer" service - bandwidth is limited only by the number of "relays".

Wonder if we'll see an Octoshape "plug in" for Squeezebox in the future?

2006-04-26, 17:17
* It is closed source

Guess there's your answer. :(

2006-04-26, 17:47
I agree there's little likleyhood of a plugin. However, I'm not sure one is needed. From a little reading it looks as if the octoshape software is running as a proxy on your local machine, which the regular player (winamp, media player etc) connects to. If you have the octoshape software on your server and stick the appropriate asf url into slimserver it might just work...

2006-04-26, 19:02
Radish, thanks - it works!!! I played the Octoshape 192 kbps feed for Smoothjazz.com on my Winamp player - copied the URL from Winamp into the "Radio Tune In" section of Slimserver and Voila! It plays wonderfully. The only bad thing - the "Now Playing" looks like an alphabet soup - since the URL is certainly fugly.. NHADD/octoshape.mp3

But, I can always change my screensaver to a news feed or something like that. Thanks again!

2006-05-03, 12:27
I was curious as to any sound improvement with 192k streaming and yes, it is warmer and richer sounding. Saved as playlist item using url. address on the server side and SB3 recognized it instantly. Thanks for the hint, TN
SB3>MFA3.24DAC>Alps pot>2 Nak PA7s>B&W N802>Nice!

2006-05-05, 23:37
I thought it was a new Slimserver version 6.2.2 upgrade but turned out to be the Octoshape plugin, too bad I loved the improved streaming 192k audio but had to uninstall to keep my PC from locking up.

2007-04-13, 14:30
I can't get it to run on SlimServer on my remote Mac. It does run on my local Mac using iTunes. Too bad.

2009-12-01, 12:28
Hi everyone

I'm trying to play my beloved Radio Paradise on my SB3 using the octoshape stream. I have just read this 2006 post and am seeking further advice.

I can play the octoshape stream successfully using Winamp but the URL that Winamp displays does not work when I copy it into the 'tune in URL' box in SB3. The URL that Winamp is showing me is:

SB3 cannot recognise this.

The post won't let me show show the whole URL so here it is in three consecutive parts:



Is anyone else playing Radio Paradise using the octoshape stream that they got from Winamp? and if so can they tell me what URL they get by looking at file/view file info.

I would be very grateful as my normal 128k connection breaks all the time as my broadband connection is slow, and I have tried the 64k stream which doesn't break but you can hear a noticeable loss of quality.


2009-12-01, 12:29
Replace with the IP of your computer, and see if it works then.

2009-12-01, 12:39
That was quick!

It liked that better because it accepted it and put it on the now playing side of the browser, but it wouldn't play, said something about a bad descriptor.

The Song info also says 'file format unknown'. Do you think the extension:


looks a bit weird?


2009-12-01, 12:41
When you say it plays with Winamp, did you have to install an Octoshape plugin for Winamp or are you playing it with a bare install of Winamp? Try playing it from Winamp on another PC using the same URL.

Enable scan.scanner and player.streaming.direct debug logging to get more details on why it's failing.

2009-12-01, 12:49
I downloaded an installed octoshape, and then downloaded and installed winamp. I then clicked on the octoshape 192k MP3 stream link at http://www.radioparadise.com/content.php?name=Listen
and winamp launched and played RP.

I have set them both to 'debug' but I'm not sure\where I go to read the logs.

I'll try on another machine in a mo.


2009-12-01, 13:06
OK, never one to give up easily so have found following message in server logs:

Slim::Utils::Scanner::Remote::__ANON__ (225) Error: Can't connect to remote server to retrieve playlist for, Connect timed out: Bad file descriptor.
[09-12-01 20:02:15.0160]

2009-12-01, 13:08
My first guess is the Octoshape server/proxy/thing on that computer is only listening on localhost for local connections.

2009-12-02, 08:29
Two Octoshape FYI's:

1) When you install Octoshape you become a node, so it will use your internet connection to relay streams to other people. I've had it swamp my internet connection with 1M/s of upload bandwidth. This is pretty annoying in my opinion, especially because they don't tell you this in advance and don't seem to give you any way of limiting it.

2) As a result of this, the streams get passed around a lot and you could be hearing/seeing (it does video too) the stream on a major delay, as much as 30 seconds to a minute. This makes it very difficult to, say, listen to the stream in two rooms at once, as they can be very far off of each other.

2009-12-03, 06:19
My upload bandwidth is small so it sounds like a good idea to forget octoshape anyway !
Thanks for the advice.