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2006-04-25, 10:19
I've just started using Music IP Mixer with my Slim Server/Squeezeboxen, and it really does rock. However, Music IP Mixer is really light on documentation at the moment (their website is Spartan, to put it mildly).

Here's my problem (well, not a problem, but an annoyance). First, Music IP Mixer must be running for SlimServer to sense it and make the appropriate options available. However...since MusicIP Mixer started first, then SlimServer is not available in the interface as a send to device...only (at least on my setup) Windows Media Player and "default." If, while leaving SlimServer up and running, I quit MusicIP Mixer and start it again, then Slim Server shows up.

There has got to be a better way than this tail chasing method I just described. What am I missing?

Mark :)

2006-04-25, 12:07
Does this help?


(NB - I take no credit for this one, even thou the last (minor) edit was mine!)


2006-04-25, 12:44
Thanks! Can't wait to get home tonight to try this :)


2006-05-11, 13:49

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I recently upgraded from the premium verion of MusicMagicMixer to MusicIP, and have copied the library and user files as per a related post to get up on the most recent version without having to go through a full analysis. I also installed 6.2.2 GA version of Slimserver.

What I am confused about and have not been able to find helpful documentation is the process in getting the SS interface to interact with MIP (getting the radio button to show up in the server settings, and consequently getting the mix button on the songs in the library). By trial and error, I HAVE gotten it to work, so I know that it is possible, but it does not seem to be easily reproducable.

It seems that there is a set order of starting, ending, and restarting both programs in order that they play nice together (perhaps while standing on one foot???).

Can anyone provide a workaround that will allow me to boot up my computer and have the MIP running as a service allowing me to use the SS library to create and add mixes to the playlist within SS? I love the great mixes I get with this software, but getting itto the point of usability each time I start my computer is a serious hindrance.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


2006-05-11, 13:58
I don't have a solution, but things are better for me. I have SlimServer started (it's a service); then I open MusicIP Mixer (I don't have this set up as a service yet). Since SS is running, it will see it, and my preference of SendTo SlimServer remains. Then I have SlimServer server setting "plugins" set to "Load on demand'. This seems to work for me (although sometimes I have to click on the "plugins" link to actually force SS to load the now-present MM.

It's not too onerous. Someday, when work calms down, I'll see what I can do as far as setting MM up as a service, too, and getting that to work. If you succeed ahead of us, please let us in on your knowledge! Good luck.

Mark :)

2006-05-11, 14:35
The only thing special I've had to do is add -slim -slimappend to the command line parameters in my startup shortcut for MusicIP Mixer. It has always worked.

2006-05-11, 14:49

It seems that there is a set order of starting, ending, and restarting both programs in order that they play nice together (perhaps while standing on one foot???).

Can anyone provide a workaround that will allow me to boot up my computer and have the MIP running as a service allowing me to use the SS library to create and add mixes to the playlist within SS?


This is what worked for me = post half way down the page - cut / paste below:


That last post did not get much of a reply, so I'll just post the
instructions here in plain text for all to use howerver they wish.
Disclaimer: I have no interest in either of the companies that require
license keys!

If anyone want the instructions in another format, like pdf or rtf,
email me at shaboyi (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

MusicMagic Setup with SlimServer 6.x

These instructions provide steps to install Predixis' MusicMagic (MM)
software as a Windows system service and to automatically integrate it
with SlimServer (SS) on boot. Once setup, MM starts automatically
before SS, and no user interaction is required to integrate the two

The instructions assume SlimServer (SS) and a SLIMP3/Squeezebox or
Softsqueeze player are installed. The MM plugin does not work
correctly and can not be set up in Slimserver without a player (it
installs but the mixes come up blank).

This is a one time procedure.

A. Install MM

- Install MM and allow it to fully analyze/verify all music before continuing.
- Install license key to allow MM to run the API service
- Do not turn on the API service at this point

B. Install Basta.com's "AppToService" Program (http://www.basta.com)

- Install the program and purchase license key.
- Install key under the AppToService directory with this command:
AppToService /key:xxxxxx (for example: C:\Program Files\Basta
Computing\AppToService>AppToService /key:xxxxxx)

C. Setup MM to Run as a Windows System Service

- Run AppToService from the Windows Program menu. It opens a DOS shell
and shows all the commands. Enter 'q' to quit the menu and at the
command line, enter> AppToService /install "c:/program
files/predixis/musicmagic mixer/musicmagicmixer.exe" /startup:a
/interact:1 (or equivalent, depending on where the MM program is
installed). The AppToService program returns an acknowledgement that
MM was installed as a service. In Windows Computer Management the
service is listed as "ApptoService musicmagicmixer." We'll refer to
it as ATS (MM).
- Note that the "Interact with the Desktop" switch is ON
(/interact:1). This will be turned off from Computer
Management>Services>ATS (MM)>Properties>Logon when everything is
- Go to Computer Management >Services and ensure that the ATS (MM)
service is started. If not, start the service. When started the MM
UI should open up on the desktop because of the "Interact" switch.
- Now turn on the API service in MM (File > Customize Options >
Services). Ignore any MM error message that say can not start API
service, so long as it indicates it is started. In any case, continue
with the instructions.

C. SlimServer Settings

- Open the Web Interface, go to Server Settings > Plugins and make
sure that the MM plugin is checked. Now go to the main Server
Settings page and make sure that "Use MusicMagic" box is checked. If
SlimServer does not recognized MM, that option will not be available;
if not available, follow the next step.
- Double check in MM that the API service is running; next go to
Computer Management and stop both the ATS (MM) and SS services. Now
first start the ATS (MM) service then start the SS service. The order
in which the services are started is very important.
- SS should now recognize MM, as indicated by the mm next to
artists/songs, etc. If not, again make sure that "Use MM" on the main
Server Settings page is checked (sometimes it mysteriously will not
take). Repeat the Service Start + Stop routine if necessary, with
ATS (MM) always started before SS.
- Once SS recognizes MM the procedure is basically complete. Note
that SS will rescan the music library once MM is recognized. Let it
do its thing before testing.
- Test: Reboot computer. On reboot MM should start and the UI appear
on the desktop. Open SS web interface and the mm should appear next
to artists/albums, etc. Create an Instant mix to ensure proper
- Now, turn off the Interact with Desktop setting (Computer Management
> Services > AppToService musicmagicmixer > Properties> Logon) by
un-checking "Interact with Desktop."
- Final test: reboot one last time; check SS interface for mm; create
Instant Mix.