View Full Version : Squeezebox dropping wireless connection w/ DL-524

2006-04-25, 09:22
Setup a new SB3 for a friend with a D-Link 524 wireless router and the SB will work for a while, then suddenly just drop it's wireless connection. Initially, the router would become unresponsive and the Internet connection would be unavailable through the wired port as well. Re-configured the router to not use the WAN port thinking it was an issue with the router handling the PPPOE with the DSL modem. Re-config seemed to work for a couple of hours, but then suddenly stopped.

Any ideas? My next step was to change out the router to another device. BTW, router is running WEP for security.

I've been running 2 different SB2 units (wired) through bridged Belkin routers w/o any issues. This is the first wireless model of SB that I've setup, but it didn't seem to be any different than any other wireless connection I've done.

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-25, 12:01
If the router is freezing like that, sounds like that's where the problem originates. Is he using the latest router firmware?

2006-04-25, 15:11
I have that router and it can be flakey. Sometimes I have to bounce the router.

2006-04-26, 16:42
Router is at latest firmware, thought that might the case as well after the first lockup.

Initially, had the router setup as the PPPOE connection holder with the DSL modem in passthrough mode. When the SB stopped working, the internet and the web interface for the router was down, so I assumed it was the router.

Second config was with the modem handling PPPOE and just connected into the network ports with the workstation. With this config, it seemed to work for longer (about 6 hours), then when the SB stopped working, the Internet was still up and I could connect to the router with my laptop through the wireless connection. Tried to reconnect the SB through the remote and it would not attach to the wireless network.

Last night went over and put in on of my Belkin routers which has been working for almost a year. Got the Internet up and was able to connect to the wireless network through the laptop, but the SB still would not attach to the wireless network.

The common config is that both routers were setup with 64bit WEP. I verified and even re-entered the key on the SB, but it never connects. I see that 6.2.2 is out today and I am going to update the server and SB to that revision to see if it helps. Is it possible the wireless card on the SB is not working properly, or has problems with the WEP? Before I upgrade, I'll try unsecuring the network to see if that plays into it at all, but it seems strange that it would be fine and playing music for 6+ hours and then suddendly stop saying that it couldn't connect to the wireless network.