View Full Version : Windows Server 2003?

Robert W. Anderson
2006-04-25, 08:35
Search seems to be broken, so I apologize if this has already been answered, but . . .

Is anyone running SlimServer on Windows Server 2003? I want to put it on a machine at work along with my FLAC backups.

I installed it OK, but SlimServer won't start. Turns out that it is not listed in the Services snap-in.

Is there some reason that this doesn't work on 2003?

2006-04-25, 11:24
have you tried installing again over the top without un-installing first?

i seem to remember there is a minor bug that causes SS not to start until you do this.

Someone alse posted about problems with Win2K3 SBE and some service useing the same ports as SS, but i think that was a third party backup app.

Sorry i can't be any clearer, i abandoned my Win2k3 SBE install once i realised i wasn't able to get my USB DAB reciever working with it.

Robert W. Anderson
2006-04-25, 11:30
Just installing it again got it to work fine.


2006-04-25, 11:35
cool. i'm sure i've seen and heard of this on XP too :)