View Full Version : .asx radio streams.

2006-04-24, 20:14

I am planning on buying a third generation squeezebox but I before I do I want to find out whether it is possible to stream .asx internet radio to it without using a computer.

Thanks in advance,


2006-04-25, 01:47
You can add them to your favourites in Squeezenetwork. This is what i have done for BBC's 6Music. works well :)

2006-04-25, 07:20
I don't know if all .asx streams are alike (I believe they're WMA, right?), but I regularly listen to them via SqueezeNetwork, which doesn't require you to have your music server running. Some of my favorite .asx streams are BBC (several channels), AirAmerica, and one of my local NPR stations (WETA).

2006-04-25, 08:29
I don't think .asx stations are limited to WMA although there isn't a lot of point using them unless they are wma. An .asx file is really just an XML based descriptor of the chanel and can reference multiple streams on different servers or at different bitrates etc. Squeezenetwork parses these just fine as far as i've seen/