View Full Version : Good price on Squeezebox (UK)

2006-04-24, 04:50
I am about to buy 2 more SB3's to add to my collection.

Does anyone know of internet sellers that are offering any special deals when buying 2 wired SB's - I have seen sites offering deals on 2 wireless SB's but not on WIRED ones.


2006-04-24, 05:58
Multi Task Computing (http://www.multitask-computing.co.uk/) do two wireless SB3s for 399 including postage etc.

Thats where i got mine at the start of the year :)

2006-04-24, 06:01
Yes, it's funny that they don't offer a deal on the WIRED versions.

2006-04-24, 06:04
Sorry, should have read your post closer :)

Phone them and ask? I can't remember his name, but the guy who runs Multi Task was very pleasant and helpful when i contacted them

rick's cafe
2006-04-24, 06:14
agreed.. i got my sb3 from multi task and the guy who runs it is very helpful.. would be surprised if he doesnt cut you the same 241 deal on the wired version

2006-04-24, 06:18
I will give them a call. It looks like they don't charge for UK postage either although this may not be the case for Nth Ireland where I live....grrrr

Edit: Just ordered 2 units of Multi-task, they were able to knock 5 off each unit but they do ship to Nth Ireland for free. Most other sellers charge 20 delivery. Was able to talk to them directly and confirm they have them in stock too. Thanks for the help.