View Full Version : Sqeezbox turns off when obtaining IP ?

2006-04-23, 04:57
v 3 Sqeezebox has been working fine for the past 4 months, Waking the whole household up every morning to the sound of 80 radio :)

But as always automated things go wrong,

When it is turned on it says Obtaining IP Address and then after 2 seconds it shuts down :(

ANy ideas ?, nothing has been changed and its on a wired Network.

WHat shall i try ?



2006-04-23, 04:59
just to add, if you select the right arrow on start up, to manually set up, it finds its IP address and then turns off when looking for music source.

Maybe a FIrewall update has automaicly happened as im Running Sonic Wall.

2006-04-23, 08:55
Interesting, I am having the exact same issue that seemed to have started yesterday or today. I have a 2 device setup, both Squeezebox 2, connected wirelessly to an XP server. This has worked flawlessly for many months until now. My first squeezebox has stopped responding altogether, if I powercycle it, it will stop responding and switch off when trying to connect to the server. The second box does connect but usually looses the connection after a few minutes and intermittently connects on and off. It will play music when connected long enough to fill up its buffer.
Nothing I know of that could cause this has changed recently, I haven't installed any new software on the server machine or mucked with any Windows setup. I wonder if there have been any Windows updates that could have messed things up. The Windows setup is pretty vanilla, I am not running any 3rd party firewalls or net security stuff, Norton Antivirus and the default XP firewall are it.

I don't think this is a wireless signal issue, the box closest to the router always had >80% signal strength, this is the one that doesn't work at all, the one at the other side of the (small) house with the 60-70% signal is the one that works intermittently.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome, I'm pretty stumped at the moment.

2006-04-23, 11:04
I've had a similar problem intermittently. The solution that works for me is to power my wireless router off, then on again. I suspect the problem is conflicting IP addresses with other wireless devices on my network. My router is plugged into a switched surge protector, so it's easy to flip off and on.

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-23, 11:12
I suspect the problem is conflicting IP addresses with other wireless devices on my network.

This would be my guess for most of these issues as well.

Those that are having problems may wish to revert to an entirely static IP network or may wish to give the SB a static IP address well outside the DHCP range but still in the same subnet.

2006-04-24, 19:51
I just gave my two squeezeboxes static IP addresses, the two computers including the one running slimserver already had static IPs. This means all wireless devices now have static IP addresses.
The problem remains, one box cannot connect to the server at all, the other connects but dies (it locks up) after a couple of minutes.
I am really wondering what is going on here, the system worked fine a few days ago and like I mentioned above, nothing that I know of that could cause this has changed.

2006-04-24, 23:31
Apologies if I'm insulting anyone's intelligence ... and I see we have a variety of slightly different symptoms here ... but can I just remind people that sometimes, when people think their SBs are "off", its because the brightness is down to zero? Press brightness on the remote a couple of times to see what happens.


2006-04-25, 09:15
Yeah, I noticed that after an update to the latest 6.2.2 nightly, the brightness level when off defaults to 0. Pretty much all my other settings (that I can see) remain at their value set previously...


2006-04-29, 17:52
Well after changing the channel of my wireless router, things work again. I guess maybe a neighbour set up a wireless network with the same channel and things went awry.

Happy again!