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2006-04-23, 03:16
I use iTunes to maintain a large music MP3 database. I also use the "Lyrics" ("Paroles" in french) facility offered by iTunes for all "songs" of one album in particular. I am scanning the music database directly not using iTunes.
Some 7 songs (out of a total of 56) of the same album are recognised and classified repeatedly as "No Album No Artist No Genre" by Slimserver, although the information concerned is shown to exist by iTunes and Windows Explorer. All the other songs of the same album using also the "Lyrics" facility are recognised and classified properly by Slimserver.
I am mentioning the use of the "Lyrics" facility because it is peculiar to this one album. All other albums are recognised and classified properly.
Suggestions would be welcome. Sorry for the length...

2006-04-23, 03:33
Do any of the songs you are having problems with have accented / non-Western ISO standard filenames ? i.e. "C:\My Music\accentéd.mp3"

If so, try renaming the files without the accented characters (you can leave the accents in the tags, it's just the filename that you may need to change), so "C:\My Music\accented.mp3"

Otherwise, try downloading one of the free third party taggers like mp3tag, and taking a look at the files in that - and see if the information also displays correctly there.

2006-04-23, 13:24
It doesn't look as if it was a filename-caracter-related question. None of the files has any "funny" caracters in its filename.
I have also run the names through mp3tag, no difference.
The same 7 files (out of a total of 57 in that folder) continue to be classified : No Album, No Artist No Genre.
What is next on your "checklist"?
It's now 22.23 in Paris.
Tomorrow is another day.

2006-04-25, 01:33
Well, the problem has not disappeared overnight. I have suppressed the files in question and re-imported them from the original CD.
The same music, the same problem.
Any further suggestions, anyone?
I may add 1. that the files are recorgnised and can be played by Slimserver when without the "Lyrics", but 2. once I insert the "Lyrics" 'always under iTunes) the files are neither recognised nor can they be played.
Again, any suggestions, anyone?

Continuing from the earlier messages, a question of information: do Slimserver Lyrics have size and/or language limitations. My Lyrics tags are in French or Spanish.

2006-04-30, 12:11
Let me chime in & say that I'm experiencing the same problem with 2 of my CDs that I ripped to MP3s using EAC. I'm a Slimserver / Squeezebox newbie, but I've been using EAC for years, & Slimserver has had no trouble with most of my MP3s.

Here's a file name that Slimserver seems to be choking on:

Duke Ellington Orchestra - Music Is My Mistress - Disc 1 - Sweet Georgia Brown - 08

I don't see anything funky here, but if anyone does, please speak up.

Edit: I'm using 6.5b1 on a Linux box (Ubuntu 5.10). I just shortened the file name by removing "- Disc 1". Then I cleared the library & did a full rescan. No joy.

2006-05-01, 03:34
I seem to have "solved" part of the problem by removing the lyrics from the 7 problem files. Slimserver now recognises the files, puts them in the right folder and reads them normally.
The other 50 files with lyrics in the same folder, showing under Slimserver "Song info", some "Lyrics: eng" some "Lyrics: plus lots of funny caracters", perform normally.
Analysed with MP3/Tag, the files with lyrics all show "Unsychronised lyric / text transcription" and, under "Frame content", show "unsupported binary data" (in grey). It makes no difference whether Slimserver shows, under "Song info", "Lyrics: eng" or "Lyrics: plus funny caracters".
Alltogether, this leaves me with some files without lyrics (regrettably) and some with showing either "eng" or "funny caracters" (under Slimserver Song Info) all of them being read.
A related question: can Slimserver show lyrics on the server's screen?

2006-05-01, 08:27
Yes, it can show lyrics on the songinfo screen: it does for me on the very few songs I've added lyrics to.

(I need to find a nice tool to take a txt file and cram it into a USLT tag...)

Only thing I don't like about it is it would be nice if <br>'s were inserted at line breaks, but other than that it seems to work for me, though I have very few files with lyrics embedded.

And it hasnt broken album art handling at all: I'm anal about my album art and do a full wipe rescan reasonably often to make sure album art is correct.

The few lyrics I have are in 2.3 tags and latin-1.. are yours 2.4 and/or utf? Though I don't know why that would break artwork...

2006-05-02, 14:21
Coming to your points: my lyrics are in French and Spanish, have been imported via Notepad trough iTunes v6.0.1.5 into Slim. I am unable to say whether that means Unicode Utf etc. MP3Tag Studio 3.05 identifies the tags as ID3v2.
One question: whether synced or not, the lyrics don't show as such on the Slimserver Fileinfo page in any way other than "Lyrics: eng" or "Lyrics: (and lots of funny caracters)". I have tried in English, but nothing shows.
Any clues?

2006-05-02, 14:21
Well, I "solved" my problem. I do my ripping on a Windows XP box & then copy the MP3s to my Linux box. Most of the time, I do this over my network; I open a Nautilus file brower, navigate to the Windows folder where the newly ripped MP3s reside & then copy them to the Linux Music folder.

But I didn't do this with the MP3s that were causing problems. Instead, I used a USB thumbdrive to copy them from the WinXP box to the Linux box.

Today, I deleted the problematic MP3s from the Linux folder & copied fresh copies over the network. Then I rescanned the library & all was well with the world.

Don't know why this mattered but it did. Keep in mind that I'm new to both Squeezebox & Linux.

2006-05-19, 01:43
I have a similar problem. Of the 4300+ songs in my database, I have 34 files that show up as No Artist, No Album. I am using iTunes as my database.
If I mark the albums in question as Compilations, then everything is where it should be and all is well, but if I mark the albums as "no" to compilations, then certain songs go the No Artist, No Album catagory. One example Beck, Sea Change, The Golden Age. I don't know how to check tags or what to look for.

Mark Lanctot
2006-05-24, 18:46
I don't know how to check tags or what to look for.

Download Mp3tag (http://www.mp3tag.de/en). It's free.

Load the affected albums and compare those tags to other, working albums.

2006-05-25, 13:26
I've seen similar problems that went away after I blew away the data base and rescanned. Just rescan wasn't good enough.

In windows, with the server stopped, blow away
\Program Files\SlimServer\server\Cache

and restart the server.


2006-07-07, 00:50
Well I've downloaded mp3tag and looked at everything with the 34 songs concerned. Everything looks normal, no accented characters or wrong/extra tags. What to try next? Black Velvet by Alannah Myles is one of the tunes fo reference.

BTW, I did find some extra tags on other songs that were not a problem with Slimserver, but were causing the songs to skip when I downloaded them to my iPod. I wiped away those tags, reloaded the iPod, and now everything plays as it should.

2006-07-12, 06:08