View Full Version : Can't connect to slimserver or get IP address

2006-04-22, 14:14
I FIXED THIS FINALLY! I'm not sure how to delete a post, but in case anyone else was in the same situation, what finally solved it, was connecting when I had disabled encryption and then writing down what IP address was being assigned automatically. Then re-enabling encryption and manually specifying the IP address.

I have been reading all day other threads and the info on wiki.
The SB3 says it connects to the wireless network but then when it obtains an IP address it gets a 169. number, which from what I understand indicates it is not connecting to the network properly.
I was able to get it working when there was no encrpytion. But using WPA2 has been unsucessful (I also tried WPA, which didn't work either).
I upgraded Slimserver as well as the firmware on my router (a Linksys WRT54GS v5). I've seen a few places that the Speedbooster feature needs to be disabled, but according to Linksys it can't be disabled. Also, given that it worked wirelessly with no encryption I'm thinking that there is no speedbooster issue.
I'm using Win XP. I have disabled Windows firewall. I have also disabled the System Suite VCOM firewall.

Any suggestions on what to try next would be greatly appreciated!

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-22, 14:37
Good to see you've fixed it. This is the first time I've seen someone with a WRT54GS connect.

If you have a spare moment, could you document this at http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?RouterStatus ? Thanks! This will help others and document your combination.

I assume you didn't turn off SpeedBooster because you couldn't. :-) Note that there's some 3rd party router firmware that can do this, but playing around with that stuff can be risky.