View Full Version : Importing existing playlists?

2006-04-21, 09:21
What am I missing here?

Recently upgraded to 6.2.x (linux) from a much older version. I have many existing playlists (.m3u) and I want use them in the new version.

Checked the forums here and I don't see the answer. I realize the new version stores everything in a database. But how do I load the old playlists?

SS Doesn't see them in the save directory nor does it find them in my library folder.

I can create and save new playlists with no problems.

Should SS be seeing these? Do I need to manauly import these somehow?

tom permutt
2006-04-21, 09:57
I put them in the Slim playlists directory (not the music directory) and Rescan Playlists from the Server Settings. It works fine.

Two notes, though I doubt they are relevant: I'm running Windows, not Linux. Also, there is no absolute standard for what exactly an m3u playlist should look like, so that some applications write files that other applications choke on, even though they both claim to handle m3u.

2006-04-21, 12:32
Yea I tried exactly that.

They were orginaly created with an older version of SS so I expected them to work. I'll have to save a new one and try and compare the formats old vs. new.


2006-04-22, 04:52
I have a similar problem after upgrading. The Playlists are in the folder and in the database after rebuild but the squeezebox and softsqueeze cannot see them. Even if I create a new playlist it doesn't appear.

I am using the Windows daily build 6.2.2 from 27-3-2006 so it might be a problem with this release or something might have got corrupted in the database. I keep meaning to delete the old database before doing a rebuild but the truth is I don't tend to use the playlists so it's not a problem.

The favourites work fine.