View Full Version : SB3 cutting out normal DAB radio !!!

2006-04-19, 06:42

Just unwrapped my shiney new SB3 with no issues of connectivity, BUT when there is power going to the SB3 it seems to interfere with the normal DAB radio signal and blocks it out.

Anyone else seen this ? Fixes ?

Thanks, Phil

***UPDATE 21st April 2006***

The good guys at slim seem to be aware of this issue and apparantly it's an issue with the standard power adapater that's shipped with the SB3. They're sending me an alternative - I'll update my entry accordingly when it arrives !

***UPDATE 24th April 2006 ***

Power adapter turned up - but made no difference, will contact support again :o(

***UPDATE 27th April 2006 ***

Alas this story of woe ends without the fairytale ending...the nice guys at tech support are stuck and have no solution...if you know of any fixes, let me know !

2006-04-19, 08:44
Posted exactly the same problem in the General thread.

Soon as I apply power to SB3, the DAB reception disappears.

Bought a 'better' DAB aerial today, so will try that when I go home.

Will post findings tomorrow.


2006-04-20, 01:34
Spent 30 on a exteral DAB aerial, no difference, DAB still dies when SB powered.

I have submitted this to SlimDevices support.


2006-04-20, 02:21
could this be related to the AM interference problem some have experienced with the stock power supply?

I don't know if the same one is still being used, but i do remember some discussion of it a while back