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2006-04-18, 16:38
Most of the time my SB3 plays ok - I've had it for 4 days.... Tonight, I had friends over, extolled the virtues of squeezebox etc, then failed to play any music for about 2 hours.

I'd choose a cd and it would keep cutting out. The squeezebox would state it was unable to find Slimserver...

I tried powering off the PC, router, SB3, etc, to no avail whatsoever....

This was really frustrating.

At one stage, it would connect to Internet Radio and nothing else. It wouldn't connect to my PC.

My PC is connected by wireless link to the same router and I could browse the internet throughout this episode...

Any ideas? I'm planning a house-warming party in May and was going to rely on the squeezebox for a big party playlist but if I'm not going to get a connection it will be really embarrassing!!!!

By the way, its now playing ok for no reason whatsoever. I haven't changed anything.


2006-04-18, 16:43
Start here...


Or, for a really quick answer, start by changing the wireless channel on your router.

If you can't get it tow work after trying all those things, report back with Slimserver and Firmware versions...


2006-04-18, 16:51
The cutting out and failing to find slimserver bit sounds like the wireless connection was being interfered with somehow. Possible culprits include: another wireless network near yours on the same or an overlapping channel (download NetStumbler to check out wireless networks in your area); a cordless phone (runs on 2.4ghz too) or a microwave in use; also, if you have your router set up near your TV / DVD / Tivo etc, move it a bit further away ?

2006-04-18, 17:34
ok - thanks guys I'll check out those things.

I live in a decent sized detached house and at the time, no other "devices" like the tv, sky+ box, or any of the kitchen appliances were on!!!!

I have a Linksys WRT54GC router - does anyone know its range?

2006-04-19, 01:27
Hi Gooner.

I had similar problems and seem to have managed to solve them by doing 2 things:

1. As suggested, log-on to your router and change the channel to see if this gives better signal strength. Most routers are set to the same channel by default (it can vary for different countries) and you may have other networks in range which are conflicting with yours. I had 2 other networks on channel 11 so I moved to channel 6.

2. The wireless utility which came with your wireless card or adapter will probably have a 'let windoze manage your wireless/network setting' check-box. DON'T use this option! The supplied utility may not be as easy to use as Windoze but my experience is that they are much better at not randomly dropping the connection.

2006-04-23, 11:26
How do I know whether there are any other networks conflicting with mine?

I've seen network signal strength at the SB3 range between 65% and 26%. Its only 30ft from the router!

The PC shows 100% signal strength although it is closer to the router.

Anyway I changed the channel the router was operating on to 6 and will try from there.

Can I just keep selecting a different channel until I get one that's most stable?

2006-04-23, 11:42
If you're running Windows, download NetStumbler which will scan for other networks in your area. Use the "graph" screen whilst changing channels to work out which is the best for you to use.

Channels 1, 6 and 11 are the only three which don't overlap, so are good bets to try.

2006-04-26, 10:42
ok I installed Netstumbler and here's the screen: What does it all mean?

2006-04-26, 12:16
At a rough guess... that it has found only one wireless network, on channel 6, with good signal and signal/noise.

Still a good idea to change channel - try 1 and 11 or 13 - as you might be suffering from another form of interference.


2006-04-26, 12:24
Hi have a D-Link DI-624. Out of nowhere, I started getting random drops; the Squeezebox(es) would say "Unable to connect to Slim Server"...then, just seconds later, they would reattach themselves. However, the playlist would have stopped playing requiring me to manually restart the playlist.

I changed the channel from 6 to 11, and voila! No more dropouts. I had just left mine at 6 out of the box. Come to find out, both my neighbors (one on each side) just created wireless setups, and I think I know what channel their networks are using out of the box, too ;)