View Full Version : SB3 has constantly low buffer.

2006-04-18, 02:39

Posted this on beginners but no real solution - perhaps more joy here.

Very frustrated due to constant low buffer causing stuttering till track stops. Internet radio also stutters and stops. Squeezenetwork works fine however.

Facts are:

Server - Mac G5 with 1GB RAM running iTunes 6 and OSX 10.3.9
Router - Netgear DG834GT set to 'g' only with latest firmware.
Slim - 6.5 however problem occurs on 6.2.1 and 6.2.2
SB3 wireless - 80% signal strength, Network test gives 100% Average up to 3000.
Music files - AAC,MP3 Lame (average VBR around 250)

When SB3 is switched on the buffer rarely exceeds 5% unless pause is selected then it fills up immeadiately to 100% then slowly drains till track is finished and does not refill.

Any solutions gratefully accepted.

2006-04-18, 02:46
Have you tried one of the latest slimserver builds with firmware 41? This contains some fixes for buffering.

If not, what does the server response time graph in Server and Network Health show?
[For info, NetTest actually overreads if the server is running slow, i.e. it does not count packets not generated by the server as lost]

2006-04-18, 02:51
Not sure - I'm not at home at the mo - I'll check tonight

However from what I can remember, the top summary of the health screen was all OK except 'Low Buffer' i.e there was never 'Poor response from server'

However, there does seem to be a whole lot of Perl activity going on according to my Mac Activity monitor

2006-04-18, 04:33
I've seen a similar bug mentioned. If you're syncing with iTunes, the rescan can cause you trouble. You might set the auto-sync with iTunes to 0 seconds to see if it fixes your problem.

In theory, 6.5 isn't supposed to have that problem, but it's still a possibility.

2006-04-19, 00:43
Well Firmware 41 seems to have fixed the issue for now, however I have no cofidence it will remain fixed.

I'm going to run my server/SB3 under test conditions with no additions to the network, no software updates or even any new music added to iTunes for a while.......if it fails then there would seem to be an inherent instability of some kind and I'll be sending the unit back for a refund.

2006-04-19, 01:38
I am fairly confident that firmware 41 will fix your stuttering issues. You may find that sometimes a track will stop playing, and you need to press play to restart. This is a known issue and a fix is now in test.

To resolve some wireless compatibility issues we had to upgrade the firmware operating system. Unfortunately this has caused problems for some customers in the recent beta releases. Please bear with us a little longer, while these problems are fixed.

2006-07-11, 14:13
Sorry about resurrecting an old thread but I am still having exactly the same problems as Cubed was originally. I think this is a problem with the pesky router firmware (I have heard bad things about the latest release) although I am using the very latest config (see my sig). Note that I get the problem both with and without WPA turned on...

I was messing around for ages trying to suss out the problem thinking it was to do with OS X, but I just remembered upgrading the router firmware just before making the switch from Linux and think this might be the problem. Rebooting the router seemed to fix the temporarily (not sure how long but it seemed okay for about a day last time). Looks like I might have to downgrade the firmware but it's a pain to have something else to think about.

Don't want to go in to rant mode, but this is a pretty popular router (I didn't say good!) so there must be plenty of people with the same issue. Anyone out there who shares my angst?

(or maybe noone else is stupid enough to upgrade the firmware!)

2006-07-11, 15:39
I have the same router nearly (Netgear 834G), and have had no problems, in fact I can nearly reboot my PC whilst the SB is running without it cutting out. So my buffer lasts for well over a minute. My firmware is V3.01.25