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Jon Schalliol
2003-11-18, 09:54

Please don't whine. Why are you upset? Are you saying you don't
want them to create new product? When they do build one and announce
it there has to be a cut-off point. Let's say they announced when
you bought so you got the 1st one. In that case the guy who bought
before you would be bummed, and so on. This is the beginning of the
holiday shopping season and slimp3 has been out for some time, you
have to expect a newer version might come out. I'm pretty sure
there's no reason to be upset at slimdevices, but I you should feel a
bit disappointed.

- Jon

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>Roy M. Silvernail [mailto:roy (AT) rant-central (DOT) com] wrote:
>> Now I'm going to have to research the used market
>> potential to see if I can recoup part of the upgrade
>> cost. (I want that digital out!)

2003-11-18, 11:34
On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 08:54:44AM -0800, Jon Schalliol wrote:
> Roy,
> Please don't whine.

Jon, you've never heard me whine! (movie ref. 5 points if you identify

Being a Certified Gadget Geek, it is my responsibility to grumble
publicly in circumstances such as this.

But if you really want to help address the situation, you can make an
offer on my 2nd slimpy. :)
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