View Full Version : Help to upgrade plese

2006-04-17, 16:22
I am running Slimserver 6.1 with SB2 and would like to upgrade to 6.2, but I use AlienBBC a lot, and wanted to know the best way to upgrade without creating lots of work? If I donwload 6.2 and install it, does it realise that I had 6.1 loaded and does it see the changes I had made for AlienBBC to work, and keep these?

I have looked around for an answer to this but can't find anything obvious on upgrading, sos sorry if I have missed this.

2006-04-17, 16:38
The upgrade procedure will depend somewhat on what OS are you using and what version of AlienBBC ?

If you are using Windows, you could upgrade to AlienBBC 1.01 at the same time as the install procedure is a lot better now but if you have any custom Alienstream lists they should be saved.

For Linux you should be able to minimise the effort by saving and then restoring the Alien folder but this may depend on the AlienBBC version.