View Full Version : Help: cannot connect to ethernet network

2006-04-17, 14:00
I've just upgraded my SB1 for an ebay-SB2. However, the SB2 does not get a proper IP through my WRT54G's DHCP-server when using a wired connection. Also assigning a static IP does not connect the squeezebox with my network. In wireless-mode the squeezebox works fine.

I've searched through the forums and tried pretty much everything that might help: resetting, upgrading firmware of SB, upgrading firmware of router,...

Also I might add that my SB1 worked flawlessly in wired mode.

Please, could anyone help me find a solution?

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-19, 08:36
Wow, this is a first - an SB that won't work wired but works fine wirelessly...usually it's the other way around.

Things to check:

- is the router's LAN port light on for that port?

- you should be using a patch cable for a router -> SB connection, not a crossover cable (although both router and SB ports may be auto-sensing)

- swap cables

- swap LAN ports

- is bridging enabled in the SB? Disable it.

- MAC addresses: is blocking activated in the router? Does the SB's MAC address match the one on the bottom of the SB, and is it unique?

- can you connect the SB directly to your PC using a crossover cable?

You might not want to hear this, but if it works fine wireless, why not use it that way? Bandwidth issues? I know, wired should work.

Ross L
2006-04-19, 10:20
I'm interested to hear the outcome of Mr. Lanctot's suggestions.

Have you tried a different networking device (different switch/hub) with different cables, and perhaps try specifying an IP and a ping test? If you're still experiencing these problems then it's possible that SB has a bad ethernet port. In which case you can ship it to us and we can repair it, however I'm not sure if the ebay seller would be willing to pay for the repair...

When you get a chance, reply to this thread with the outcome of some more testing and let us know how it goes. You can also contact me at support@slimdevices.com if you're interested in the repair.