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2006-04-17, 05:27
I've just been putting FLAC tags on various files, and ran into difficulties with the database. Seems ok now after various deletions of database, rescans, etc. All on a small library so that I could check things easily.

But in the course of doing this I had database inconsistencies quite frequently, and wondered if this problem was known. Not just with the database failing to reflect the library, but with data looked at one way being inconsistent with the same data looked at differently. The problem seems restricted to flacs, my mp3s seem to show up ok. Also, I wondered if there was any connection with the issue that some people have of items in the library not showing in the database.

For instance, I went to Browse Genre, and clicked on the genre Country. The result I got was 1 song in 1 album by 0 artists, and (since there were zero artists) nothing showing up underneath this. 1 song in 1 album was correct (all my albums are ripped and tagged as a single flac) and I had not entered an Artist tag. But this should have shown up (as happened with a correct database) as 1 song in 1 album by 1 artist, with the entry "No Artist". Also, despite nothing appearing when I clicked on the genre, if I clicked on the Play button for the genre the album did play.

On another occasion, Browse Genre, and clicking on Blues showed as 2 songs in 2 albums by 1 artist, with the one artist being "No Artist". But when I then clicked on "No Artist", instead of it showing 2 songs in 2 albums it showed as 1 song in 1 album.

All this with SlimServer 6.2.1, Mac OS 10.4.6

2006-04-17, 05:34
Before raising a bug report, upgrade to the latest 6.2.2 candidate build - this contains all the latest bugfixes to the 6.2 code. (The only reason it hasn't been released yet is that they're still ironing out a wireless connection bugs with the firmware).

You could even try the latest 6.5 build. Its still beta code, but its reliable enough now that I can run it with no problems. This has loads of new features, and a few database changes too. So I'm sure the devs will be interested to know whether the latest 6.5 code works correctly or not!!

Both builds are available here:


2006-04-17, 08:45
Sensible suggestions, but I tend not to like using beta programs.

At this point I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems.

2006-04-17, 09:49
Sensible suggestions, but I tend not to like using beta programs.

Its a reasonable position. Also consider that with the promotion of software from "beta" to "golden" often being affected more by schedule and external dependencies (and not necessarily bug find/fix rates, bug totals, severity, etc.), the customer's viewpoint that "released" is more stable/better than something tagged "beta" is entirely arbitrary. The view suggests that, for example 6.2.1 is of higher quality, with fewer bugs than 6.2.2-beta, when it seems fairly agreed upon that 6.2.1 was released before it was fully cooked (no sleight intended, it just happens sometimes). 6.2.2 has had a significant amount of work, resolving bugs found since/known during 6.2.1.

Because the update process is so trivial, and you can revert, consider giving it a try if resolution of the bug(s) is important to you.

2006-04-17, 11:06
Thanks for the encouragement to use 6.2.2. It is maybe a good idea. I probably won't as I'm away much of the next month, and may as well wait till I am back.

At this stage, solving the bug isn't that important to me, though it may become so later. I'm mainly intersting in knwoing if I have found a new bug, come across an old one, or run into some peculiar incompatibility bnetween SlimServer and my tagging program. Given that I was finally able to get a good database, the last of these (which is the one that most concerns me) seems unlikely.

2006-04-18, 04:40
I've had a lot of trouble with 6.2.1... it doesn't handle single-file FLACs very well, and it REALLY blows up if you try to mix multi-file FLACs with single-file FLAC/CUEs.

6.2.2, on the other hand, has worked well for me for many months. I just had an issue when I upgraded to the very most recent one, but that cleared up when I wiped my old settings and started over.

6.2.2 is a LOT better than 6.2.1, from my perspective, beta or no.