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2006-04-16, 07:17
I read somewhere that there is an older version of slimserver that sounds better.Is this true?

2006-04-16, 09:56
Not that i know of. There have been combinations of Slimserver and SqueezeBox firmware versions that have contained bugs that some noticed effected the audio quality, but i don't think any of these are outstanding bugs, so the recent builds should be just as good an any others.

Slimserver doesn't really do anything to the file anyway. If your music is in one of the native formats (Wav, FLAC, MP3, WMA) then the SB is doing the decoding and sending to the outputs. If your music is in a non-native format (AAC/M4A, ALAC, WMA Lossless, Ogg, etc) then it is the third party decoder that would effect quality rather than the server or firmware. Bear in mind that the bundled third party decoder that was included with a particular slimserver release, may have bugs/problems outwith the control of slimserver itself. But again, i don't know of any problems with the current release or beta builds (current release 6.2.1, daily nightly bugfix build 6.2.2, development beta 6.5)

I know Michael sugested your post in the Slimnetwork board wasn't appropriate and the General board is ok for something like this, but the Audiophile board might have been your best bet :)