View Full Version : Why does my squeezebox work?

2006-04-15, 15:22
I have a Squeezebox3 wirelessly connected to my computer from I stream music files from an USB2 external hard drive.

I'm listening to .flac files right now but when I check the 'player information' on the squeezebox it reports a constant 0% wireless strength and claims it is a squeezebox2.

player firmware is 28.

Any thoughts?

2006-04-15, 20:07
I don't know why you're seeing signal strength 0...

But as for why it says that it's a squeezebox2, the differences between an SB2 and and SB3 are minimal other than cosmetic. The firmware is exactly the same. The nightly builds have code to detect which is which, but it's purely cosmetic.

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-18, 10:56
If you're curious, try the Server and Network Health plugin.