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2006-04-14, 12:57
SB3 Review
Overall Rating: 5/5


The reviewer seems to have a lot of "only suggestions".

2006-04-15, 13:04
Yet another "gushing" SB3 review! Not much different from the rest, except the writer really RAVES about Slim's customer support and this forum, in particular! Well said!

2006-04-15, 13:29
nice one. good

2006-04-16, 10:53
He makes a big deal of the lack of descrete power on/off buttons - but those are configurable by using a custom <remote>.ir file (I use a JP1 remote).

2006-04-16, 16:16
I was especially amused when the reviewer mentioned:

About the only suggestion I can make for the product is that a single rack space version with discrete power controls and RS-232C control might attract more of the custom install crowd and could be worth a look. I could see the need for a single rack space version (that was one advantage of the Squeezebox 2 over the Squeezebox 3), but the RS-232 control would be just lame.

I make heavy use of a NetLinx automation system (that would be "the custom install crowd"). RS-232 is a damn fine control option - *IF* there's nothing better.

In the case of the Squeezebox, it can be fully controlled via the CLI (with discrete power ON/OFF). Given very rich control via TCP/IP (built into most control systems these days), RS-232 would simply be a more expensive, slower control option. Why use RS-232 when TCP/IP is there, already built into the product? :-)

It's been mentioned here many times, but here's my result of controlling the Squeezebox via the CLI and TCP/IP:


I even grab album art from the SlimServer software so it can be displayed on the touchpanel. Can't do THAT with RS-232! ;-)

-- Jeff

2006-04-16, 19:50
Wow, I'm surprised. I sent a message to Clint, the reviewer, with my feedback about RS-232. He said:

Thanks for the feedback - I did not know that. Mind if I add that as an addendum to the review with a credit to you?
That's kinda cool. I corrected him, and he was immediately willing to post an addendum to clarify the situation. I didn't expect that ...

I'll send him mortod's comment as well ...

-- Jeff

Mark Lanctot
2006-04-18, 07:20
Seems to be a very nice review but there's one big omission - how does it SOUND?!? :-)

In his Squeezebox2 review, he mentioned that MP3 playback was good but it was...MP3 playback...and you really needed lossless to let the unit shine. Very true. Yet he didn't review lossless playback.

He again didn't take the opportunity to review lossless playback with his SB3 review.

Now certainly there won't be anyone turned off by this review but it causes some misconceptions. Audioholics is closely affiliated with AVS Forum and one longtime AVS member asked me why I like the SB2/3 so much when it's only an "MP3 player".

2006-04-18, 07:41
Clint posted an addendum to his review based on my comments. He said:



I've added the addendum (and included a screen capture and link to your file):


Thanks and have a great week!


I checked, and it's there. I was a bit surprised he didn't edit the content of my posting at all, but hey - that's okay I guess.

-- Jeff

2006-04-18, 07:46
Seems to be a very nice review but there's one big omission - how does it SOUND?!? :-)

I had the same thought. Is it Audioholics or Featureholics?