View Full Version : Help: SB won't connect to SlimServer

2006-04-14, 01:32
Everything worked fine yesterday, but when I came to switch on my SB this morning it can no longer connect. When I brought the PC out of standby a warning did pop up warning of a duplicate IP address. But logging into my wireless router I can not see any duplicates, though I do see two IP addresses for the same MAC address (both for the SB) - not sure if that is normal ?

Winamp connect to SS fine on the same PC. Have tried releasing a renewing the IP of the PC,rebooting everything, and also going through the setup on the SB again (ie getting a new IP address).

Any thoughts ? Where can I look for diagnosis information ?

2006-04-14, 01:55
I'd try disconnecting the SB, giving it a factory reset (hold down the add/+ button while unplugging from power and keep it down when you plug power back in), meanwhile powering down the router.

2006-04-14, 02:01
Panic over - I re-installed 6.2.1 which seemed to fix it. Have now re-installed 6.2.2 and still OK - hopefully a one off or perhaps a 6.2.2 problem (11/04 version).

Thanks for the advice - I had tried that, and also noticed that the SB could connect to the SqueezeNetwork - hence my conclusion that it must be a SS problem.